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  1. TexasDirtRider

    New Chain Advice

    Thanks for the feedback. Just one hopefully not stupid question. What length do I need?
  2. TexasDirtRider

    New Chain Advice

    I need to get a new chain since I lost mine in a race last weekend. Any suggestions? Looks like another testament to the rock solid construction of these bikes. The chain wrapped under itself and jammed into the front sprocket. After I removed the chain, I ran the transmission thru all of the gears and they all engaged, and the motor started up and ran fine. Of course I won't know if I stripped any gears until I get a new chain, but so far, good news. The case also seems to be ok, with a little grinding by the front of the sprocket. Thanks.
  3. TexasDirtRider

    Rear Sub frame for XR400

    Just a note. I bent my sub frame almost 12" out of whack. When I was bending it back, both cross members cracked (almost 1/2 of the surface was rusted which indicated the cracks were already there). For $40 I got everything rewelded and put back straight. Just a note, it is easier to bend the sub-frame after removing the air box. 1999 XR400 Most Gordon Mods 11:1 040 over piston
  4. http://www.motocrossconnection.com/media/movie1.wmv1 download and rename the file , removing the trailing "1" from .wmv1 Cool video of riding in the east Texas Twisties, pardon the brake cable.
  5. TexasDirtRider

    Smoking motor

    Finally got to the source of the smoke after tearing the motor down for the 3rd time. The shop installed the middle ring upside down. Shame on them for doing it and shame on me for not checking. Won't make that mistake again. And we're back riding again. 1999 XR400 Most Gordon mods 11:1 Wiseco Piston
  6. TexasDirtRider

    Smoking XR250 Mystery

    The oil ring (middle ring) has a slanted edge so it can scape the oil off of the cylinder wall (wider part toward the bottom end). I guess if you put it on upside down so that the thinner edge is down, the oil can force it's way past the ring into the combustion chamber. That's my best guess but it sure made a difference. On my rings, there are letters on the top side of the ring so you can tell which way they go. 1999 XR400 most gordon mods 040 over bore, 11:1 wiseco piston
  7. TexasDirtRider

    Smoking XR250 Mystery

    Just got done reassembling my XR400 for the 3rd time but finally found the source of the oil. The shop who did the work on the cylinder and head put the oil ring on upside down. Shame on them for that and shame on me for not checking. Last time I make that mistake. But no more smoke. Now I'm ready to ride, hope I remember how. 1999 XR400 most gordon mods 040 over bore, 11:1 wiseco piston
  8. TexasDirtRider

    Smoking XR250 Mystery

    I just got done rebuilding my XR400 and have the same issue. I've had the head checked out (no issues) but have not pulled the cylinder off yet. I checked the cylinder for scoring but the x-hatching looks good. Next step is to pull the cylinder and check the rings. Sure am getting good at pulling the motor part, hate to think what's happening to my riding skills Let me know what you find out and I'll do the same. 1999 XR400 most gordon mods 040 over bore, 11:1 wiseco piston
  9. TexasDirtRider

    Smoking motor

    Engine's got good compression. Broke her down last night. Cylinder looks good, no scratching or scoring. No signs of oil in the intake port, exhaust ports looks oily. Noticed oil in the cylinder but it looked to be virgin oil, not used. Is it possible that there was oil from the assembly process left in the cylinder that was blown into the exhaust pipes on the first couple of kicks and the smoke I was seeing was just this burning off? I remember the smoke was pretty white, not the gray greasy smoke you see from old cars? Possible or just wishful thinking? I still plan to take the head to the shop to have them check it out. 1999 XR400 Most Gordon mods Engine going to pieces
  10. TexasDirtRider

    Smoking motor

    I'll have to ask the bike shop about the guides and seal. It smokes after about 5-10 seconds after starting. If the intake valve seals/guides are leaking, would I see oil in the intake port? 1999 XR400 Most Gordon mods Engine going to pieces
  11. TexasDirtRider

    Smoking motor

    I just finished rebuilding my XR400 (040 over pistion, 11:1, bored cylinder, valve job with new values) but now it's smoking like a pig. I plan to pull it apart to look for 1) leaking valve seals, 2) scored cylinder, 3) misaligned rings. Is there anything else I should be looking for or any suggestions on how to best find the source? --------------------- 1999 XR400 Most Gordon Mods Engine going to pieces
  12. TexasDirtRider

    mashed back end - best fix?

    When I picked the bike up from the welder, it wasn't totally square, so he had me take a long 2x4, wedge it into the subframe and pull while he held the bike. Got it straight with no problem. One comment he made (old time biker) was the the air box makes the subframe more rigid, so it should be removed when trying to straighten it out. Sounded like good advice. I'll be more than glad to pass on my learning. ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1999 XR400, most gordon mods, so to have 11:1 piston
  13. TexasDirtRider

    Hard Clutch pull

    Sorry, it's late at night. The cluch is very stiff, not still.
  14. TexasDirtRider

    Hard Clutch pull

    The clutch on my XR400 is very still. I've replaced the control and cables but haven't gone into the clutch itself. Any suggestions or comments or is that the last place to look? Thanks 1999 XR400, most Gordon Mods, praying for pumper carb
  15. TexasDirtRider

    Plug mod, a must do.

    I also removed the resistor, replaced it with a piece of copper and saw improved performance. One thing I did notice when I took out the resistor was a black film between the resistor and spring. It didn't seem like the spring was actually making electrical contact with the resistor. This may increase the resistance and possibly explain the improved performance when removed. I never did try the resistor after I scrapped off the black crud. 1999 XR400, most Gordon mods