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  1. arnie230

    Spring rates...

    This past winter I had the suspension on my '06 YZ450 rebuilt and new springs installed to go with my 235 lb weight. I am in the military and have been deployed to Iraq for a few months and I have been working out like crazy and I am down to 205 lbs (ish) in weight. I am an Vet C rider, actually just turned 40 and I am looking for advice on wether it is worth me going to the trouble and cost of respringing or should I just go as is? Thanks in advance.
  2. Anyone have any suggestions on mounting an hour meter on an '06 YZ450? I just bought one and the adhesive that comes with it wont work for sure. Thanks!!
  3. arnie230

    06 Yz450/06 Yz250

    I still have the original springs for mine. I would imagine maybe with my heft that it will equal out. I will have to check the stock 250 rate against the stock 450 rate. I weigh 225 with gear.
  4. arnie230

    06 Yz450/06 Yz250

    I have been contemplating going back to a two stroke and I was curious if anyone knew if the shock and fork from my 450F would fit in the YZ250. I just had my suspension done and I have a friend who wants to trade me. His 250 is like brand new but it is set up for a 165 pound rider.
  5. arnie230

    Opinion: To change or not to change?

    Gray, no, I normally wouldnt.I was just looking for opinions. If I did my normal 2 to 3 hour ride I would for sure. I have been using the Amsoil too and it is $9+ a quart from the dealer so if I dont feel I have too I wont. I know 9 dollars is cheap insurance but where do you draw the line??? 20 minutes????
  6. I changed the oil and filter on my 06 YZ450 and have since ridden it for a total of 20 mins at Raceway Park in Englishtown. I am going trail riding this weekend and will probably be out for 3 hours or so. Should I change the oil again before I go?? Thanks
  7. I got there at 12:30 (they open at 12) and yes it was crowded. They ran Expert, amateur, novice then mini at 20 minute intervals. I am not saying that that wasnt warranted. It would have been total chaos if they hadnt done that. I missed the first rotation on the track, was able to do the 2nd and 3rd but I had to be home by 6 ish so I had to leave after my second time. I live near Allentown,PA. Dont get me wrong, I thought the facility and track was awesome. Ijust wanted more time on it. Is it always that crowded??
  8. I rode Etown yesterday. I got 40 mins. track time for the day for my $100.00. It is a really nice track and very well maintained but that isnt enough track time for me to work on what I wanna work on.
  9. Thanks, I was trying to pry it off but I didnt get too forceful with it and yes I did have the clip off. I will order the tool.
  10. I have a Regina ORN6 chain on my '06 YZ450 and I wanted to remove it for cleaning. The only problem is I cant seem to get the master link off. I am sure I could if I used more persuasive methods but I dont wanna ruin the master link. Any ideas????
  11. arnie230

    ??Suspension Mods??

    My plan was to get the forks sprung for my weight and get them revalved. (Gold Valve). I planned on getting the shock just serviced and and an appropriate spring. The local suspension shop tells me that the valving in the stock shock is pretty good. Thanks for the advice!!
  12. arnie230

    ??Suspension Mods??

    In the wide scheme of things is it worth getting suspension work done like a gold valve etc.. and weight appropriate springs??? I am 5'11 and 220. I have an '06 YZ450 and i am a Vet "C" rider. I race probably 10 times a year. The engine has plenty of power and I have a good handle on jetting. I am looking for bang for the buck basically.
  13. Anyone have any recomendations as to an aftermarket suspension spring manufacturer? I am 5'11, 225 lbs with an '06 yz450 and I wanna get the proper spring size for my weight.
  14. arnie230

    changing oils????

    I havent gone to the Scott's filter yet but that is on my list after suspension mods.
  15. arnie230

    changing oils????

    I am currently using YamaLube 4R in my '06 YZ450F and I am contemplating switching to Amsoil 10W40. Anyone have any ideas about switching oils? Should I change the oil and filter and run the engine and then change the oil again?? The bike has about 15 hours on it and I have changed the oil with the YamaLube after every ride. Thanks for the help in advance!