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  1. Rej

    Finished my street legal Drz400E

    He replied that he got it plated further down but yeah, the 2 year-old necro-posting is creeping me out , but I guess I'm not helping...
  2. Rej

    DRC Edge Tailight = $110 Ticket

    Actually yes, bike racks are illegal according to this, but most of them (the good ones) have an extra bracket where you're supposed to put your rear plate. I've been pulled over with a warning in Alberta (the wild west) for this, so I am surprised the super-anal OPP isn't busting anyone for it... count yourselves lucky I guess
  3. Rej

    DRC Edge Tailight = $110 Ticket

    For info purposes, here's a transcript of the law occording to the Ontario gov't website. Number plate to be kept clean (2) Every number plate shall be kept free from dirt and obstruction and shall be affixed so that the entire number plate, including the numbers, is plainly visible at all times, and the view of the number plate shall not be obscured or obstructed by spare tires, bumper bars, any part of the vehicle, any attachments to the vehicle or the load carried. 1994, c. 27, s. 138 (7). Not much about angle in there ... I'm assuming the cop was referring to the "plainly visible" bit, which is a fuzzy definition at best ... good luck
  4. Rej

    Stock drz400e exhaust tip

    Hi David, like Greg said, just try drilling a few more holes into that baffle/cover piece, have a listen then decide. It's only 30sec put/remove the muffler cover right ? Also if you're afraid of going too far, I'm sure your local dealer would have a few of those spare baffles lying around, I know Springwood Suzuki here in Brisbane takes that thing off as part of their standard "road-prep"
  5. Rej

    DRZ400E rear spring colour?

    For what it's worth, my '07 Aussie E has a stock RED spring
  6. Rej

    Installing new front blinkers

    I doubt you'll find any aftermarket ones that can re-use the stock bracket, it's got a big weird hole right through it that only works with stock blinkers... I'd say you have two options: - Ask someone here for their old stock blinkers (I'll send you mine if you want to pay postage from Oz ) - Fab your own brackets and use aftermarket ones, and fab some kind of quick release to take them on and off. Good luck.
  7. Rej

    Need to sell my DRZ and need your advise

    I sold a one year old S model (3x3 DJ kit, IMS tank, no other mods) for 5000$, I'm sure you'll get more for yours ... put up flyers at bike stores, that's what seemed to work best for me. Good luck man.
  8. Rej

    Kickstart Kit?

    I think there's a reason Eddie sells you an 80$ battery with the kit and not some cheapo Walmart one ...
  9. Rej

    How many pounds = 1 hp

    there was a decent discussion about this recently ... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=666088&highlight=pounds+hp I think somewhere along the lines of 10-20lbs feels like 1hp .. but read the thread, lots of good stuff in there. The key word is "feels" like 1 hp, you won't see a difference on a dyno. Cheers, Rej
  10. Rej

    crooked handlebar

    I'm not sure I understand completely but if you're sure your handlebars and clamps are fine, then you can loosen your fork clamp bolts and "correct" the wheel alignment by standing over the wheel with your knees on either side and turning the handlebars until it's fixed ... pretty common thing to happen after a fall.
  11. Thanks for the write-up Eric. I went through my first motorcycle tire change with a set of 6006's as well. Even with lube, I though it wasn't worth it compared to the 35$ and 15 minutes it takes the local bike shop to do. But like you said, at least I know I could do it if stuck. I use my bike the same way you do, mostly commuting (90%) and found the 6006 to be a great trade-off of road vs trail. Oh, and I also did the front directional 50/50 mistake ... except I took the bad karma for others like you ... installed it the wrong way and pinched a brand new tube putting it back on the second time
  12. Rej

    Blew oil everywhere

    Yeah, maybe that hole you drilled in the cases to insert that 6th gear is the source of your leak ? /Jk, hope you get your bike sorted.
  13. Rej

    Aussie "E", Dirtbagz?

    I've owned both (Aussie E and US/Canadian spec S) and don't think there's any difference, our E gets the US S/SM rear subframe. (From experience mounting replacement plastics and edge tailight and blinkers on both) Good luck.
  14. Rej

    ethanol OK for 400E??

    Ouch, that was harsh ... I run ethanol blend in my E once in a while, as long as the octane rating is ok ...
  15. Rej

    Asv Or Zeta Levers??? Opinions Please

    I have your setup, they'll fit fine.