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  1. Whats your email ? Ill send you the templates
  2. Which company supplies you with weights ?? It Shouldnt matter as the swingarm etc is all the same as the 04-05 and there is no Counter balancing weights or recommendations to only use Steel Sprockets / Heavy Chains on them. Where does the differnce in weight come in to play that isnt on the 04 05 ??
  3. A lot of guys at the track are running single pipes on their 06-07's. They claim they produce more HP's this way. I know Bills Pipes make a single for the 06
  4. Same thing happened on my ti-4 a couple of months back. Whipped out the dremel and put a slit in it then managed to get it out with a Flathead. Replaced the bolt with one from a bmx brake setup. Worked a treat
  5. Ive never owned a 450 but ride my mates quite often. I find (especially on trails ) that I can ride my 250 much quicker than the 450. Also I like being able to race through the gears.
  6. Cheers but I like the star. When the graphics are cut it will have that falling off the shroud look. Think I will replace that star with the monster graphic :thumbsup:
  7. After your thoughts on these. Cant decide whether I have gone a bit overboard with the decals. Tried to keep it to the products I use. The only one I dont is Elf Oils. Always loved that logo Scale etc has ot been finalised yet but ill get there eventually Also Color is off as I have converted it.
  8. Hey all. Just went to shim my inatkes and discovered that one of the lifter buckets is sitting pretty tight. It took a really good pull with some rubber gripped gloves to get it out and takes a pretty good push to get her back in. Had a close look and nothing appears to be jammed in there. Anyone had this problem before ?? Will it be safe to ride ??
  9. Hey all. Recently had The seats cut in my 05 CRF 250 Head at a highly recomended machine shop. When I dropped the head in the Engineer Said "Nooo not a CRF Head youre Kidding me" (Sarcastic). He tells me he gets 5 CRF Heads to every other manufacturer. Now in the area in which I live the majority of bikes are eithier Yamaha or KTM so its not due to numbers. Please note that this is by no means a slag on our great CRF's nor do I intend to spark any massive Debate. Just found it interesting. For the record I will be sticking with Honda Regardless
  10. I was a bit low on cash when I did my valves so I made my own spring compressor out of a G Clamp and an old socket which I cut the sides out of. Cost me $ 5
  11. Hey all About to pull my carb apart (first time). Ready to give her a good clean out and check for wear. Is there any tip you all have on this procedure ? Also I hear a few people talking about reseting Float etc. Will this be necessary and if so how is it done ? Cheers in advance
  12. Thanks Guys ! Much Appreciated. Heading out to the workshop now to get started.
  13. Have you considered the Pro Circuit quiet inserts ? Dont know what there like but have heard they quiten em down a bit.
  14. Hey all. Attempting my first Dry Rebuild Tomorrow. Spent countless hours researching this through the search function and have discovered some great tips. However I cannot seem to find a step by step guide (need one im rather nervous!) Can anyone direct me to a post Which may help me further ?? Cheers!
  15. Has your cam chain come off the countershaft sprocket ??
  16. Check out this machine from the italians. Not Honda Related but hey or http://www.wrm-motorcycles.com
  17. When your disk is on it will come out approximately 3-4 mm from the yellow area. You need to take this into account when setting the offset.
  18. Hey all. Got a Pro Circuit Ti4 Exhaust and am trying to repack the muffler. I have drilled out the rivets at the header end but cannot pop the end out. Ive tried using a timber wedge, banging it with a mallet etc but to no avail. Not sure if there is silicone in there or not. Should I try heating it up ? if so what with ??
  19. Cheers All. For that price ill keep it as a spare.
  20. Hey all I have a buyer for my stock 05 muffler I am selling. It is in good nick apart from a few scratches. What do you guys think is a fair price ? I dont want to rip him nor myself off. Cheers
  21. nope it was an r i asked the bloke. Shame I didnt see this thread before I went or I would have asked how he fitted it.
  22. I saw an R with an X airbox at the races today (unless it was just the sidepanel) so I guess its possible.
  23. I second that. Move the pad around in a figure 8 motion and then clean them down. Works a treat
  24. eithier did i. I lost mine. If you are after a permanent fix I cant help you there. I was just sharing my fix.
  25. yep did it a couple of weeks ago. got a new bolt and loctited it in. works a treat.
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