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  1. Check out the bullet proof designs they are fairly expensive but the guys in oru riding club who have them swear by them and everything I have read states that you will have no over heating issues.
  2. I was wondering if anyone has put a trials tire on their 250 x and how they liked it. I got to ride a gas gas up a large slick rooty hill and it went right up the hill with no problems. I had brand new knobbys on mine and I spun the tires frequently.
  3. Thanks for any information that you can give me.
  4. I purchased a left over 06 250 x and am looking at jetting is it better to use the JD jetting kit or just purchase the needles.
  5. I purchased a left over 250 x and sold my 04 250 R I am looking at doing the mods on the bike. I was wondering if I should jet with a JD jet kit or just purchase:confused: the needles that I need.
  6. I currently use the HP 4 but I saw in Dirt Rider that they were usin the two stroke transmission oil HP trans oil 80W-85W. Is this OK to use in four strokes and is this a better oil to use ?
  7. I have a CRF 250 R that I use for trail riding only and am thinking about a recluse clutch. Have any of you or do you know anybody who has tried one on their Honda and how did they like it.