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  1. Whiskey Throttle: when a rider unintentionally adds throttle (usually full) to a bad situation making it worse
  2. im pretty shure the gytr fww is 8 oz.
  3. Nice suzi, I bet she flys!
  4. ?!?!?!?! Wha?
  5. Nice!! Hopefully You Won't Need Crutches The Next Time!
  6. "Oil is your friend! More is more power, more longevity, and more....well money I guess. The bottles are advertising only. Companies want to claim this or that....but at the end of the day...don't trust what they say! Just run the mix ratio at what you want (I suggest 32:1) and jet to get it right!" No Way dude!!! Too much oil can actually lean out your jetting.
  7. I raced in the novice A class and finished 11th, and let me just say that was the hardest race of the season condition wise so far! ....and I thought that Vienna was bad!
  8. that looks like a super cool event!!!! too bad its so far from me.
  9. Hey Adam how the heck are ya? did you make it to port colburne? I had to sit that one out, I'll be at RJ'S.
  10. I was at Gopher dunes for round one, it was a great day for us, however this resceduling round 2 the same day as the Port Colburne H/S kinda bums me out that I had to Choose which one i was going to do. I did the moto but i was thinking H/S all day. (espcially after i had been run over at the start of my secound Int. moto.
  11. I've Also Repared A Few Transmissions Where 5th Gear Was Disengaging Under Power. I Was Finding That The Engagement Dogs Were All Rounded And The Shift Fork Guides Were Worn Flat So That When The Driven Gear Was Engaged To The 5th Gear It Would Just Slide Out Under Load. In All Of These Cases The Rest Of The Trans. Was Fine, But As A Percation All Of The Trans. Case Bearings Were Replaced.
  12. I race in the CMA Ontario harescrambles series, you see lots of diversity as far as age and skill level. Its a great way to race without alot of preasure, the courses are large and safe, There are track officials scattered all over as well if you need help. I couldn't think of a better way to spend 2.5 hours on a sunday!
  13. I just signed on so I'll see you guys there.
  14. I spent all of sunday at st. williams, the conditions were almost dry and fairly warm. The best part about the winter is there's no quads to share the trail with so we were able to safely rip around. I'm probly going back next sunday if anyones interested in some sandy trail riding.
  15. I used a stock dunlop and a half worn michelin ms3 with 10 by 1/2 sheet metal screws on my 05 yz 250, they seem to work great.