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  1. does anyone have the service manual they can message me. I seized up my 2007 kawi took the top end and good news is it looks good, bad news is top end looked good.
  2. can anyone pm me service manual? Im near Tampa Fl and have bean having probs getting my kawasaki to start well and run well. I went up on the PJ to a 48 from a 42 and put aftermarket mixture screw. Still around three turns out on mixture screw and bikes not popping and backfiring anymore. Its miles better than what it was. Ran my first HS at Gatorback and had to kick bike six times at the start. That cost me alot... Still thinking i can get it start better would going up to a 52 on the PJ be to much? Gonna check the valves when get manual. It also kicks harder than my 2006 450 yamaha. It just feels like its got more compression and a higher kick stroke. Plays hell on the knee though Im 72" and it still takes some ass to kick it.
  3. It will wiggle out b/c mine did. On the third one I drilled A hole through the knob and safety wired it to a bracket on carb that hold(guides) the idle adjustment
  4. Yep look up Microfiche from Yamaha same exact part # = same exact part just compared the '05 and '06. Different slip on silencer though...