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  1. team green carbs have many secrets... here are someee. Kxf 250 carb safety wired accelerator pump honda 250f float bowl honda 250f acellerator pump (can use quickshot cover) powernow/powernowplus 42 pilot stock main your welcome.
  2. let me guess it was in the dark?? they turn red
  3. wrap it tightly 3 times around the blue wire coming out of the CDI box (behind front # plate) or go the long way and wrap it further around the spark plug wire. Make sure its tight, and use zip ties to hold it down extra good.
  4. wierd, I had an ovaled hole on one of my seat bolts, but dont tighten them as hard next time, or put White lithium grease on the bolts next time.
  5. just turn your wrist.... hah its nice, but its just different and will take time to get used to, i think the stock throttles are much more reliable
  6. Thank you for the story, and I think a CR 250 would wind out a lot faster, and be a good fun bike fur sure, powerful and will get you around the farm quick.
  7. Talk to the valve cutters at White Bros, they can explain exactly what tools angles, and even recommend dying/coloring the valve seat, then cutting the colored sections off.
  8. check out their pegs available in ti or steel. I got a size 12 too and they are god.
  9. since the motor ran dry is your clutch and tranny still fine?
  10. You spent too much. Wayy to much 06's go for that much money man, sorry but good luck.
  11. haha im sorry that the 07 kawis arent taking you to lorettas this upcoming year, i guess Team Green wont have the opportunity to sponsor you. damn, sounds like you guys in africa got a bad bunch of KXFs huh
  12. 42 Pilot jet, when starting at beginning of the day use this method... 4 turns on the throttle, choke, then kick half kick, Full kick, half Kick, Full kick.If it hasnt started in 6 kicks or so, give it a couple more quick turn of the throttle, should work everytime.
  13. Yellow backgrounds are B riders, 125 B 250 B open B whatever, theyre usually yellow
  14. 440 wet type sand paper usually colored black works with gasoline or brake cleaner.
  15. I made a hole in my clutch cover, JB weld worked but I still replaced it. If you cracked the actual engine case I would say fix it for now but still replace it.