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  1. Suzuki R4L

    New Video from the Eddieville 6 hour race

  2. So I have a slip-on Leo, ya they suck but it came with the bike. This Friday I am doing maintenance on all my bikes and wanted to try the 3x3 mod but I do not have a jet kit. Just got laid off so I don't think I will be able to get one for awhile but I would like more throttle response and a little pep. Can I do this without re-jetting or do I have to wait until I can get the MRD and Jets.
  3. Suzuki R4L

    MX Track on DRZ with pics

    Nice! I have taken my SM on an MX track with Avon's and it fine, it bottomed a few times but that is expected from a bike not meant for jumping. The biggest I have taken my SM was a 50ft double, don;t think I would go much bigger than that without redoing the suspension but these things WILL do it haha.
  4. Awesome! Thanks guys, looks like I will be ordering that camera tomorrow!
  5. Can you guys post some pics of how you have your cameras mounted? I use a DOT dirt helmet and sometimes my arai when on my DRZ but no idea on how to mount it. Was thinking about doing a bar mount but seems like allot of vibration and less field of view. Let's see what you guys use That GoPro looks awesome, might have to buy one this weekend after payday
  6. I would rock one but not for that price. Plus if you wreck once, your $1k just went down the drain. This is what inspired these pipes. They have been around for years but just now available to the public. Kevin Schwantz has these on his DRZ's I think there is a 10 page thread on them around here somewhere already
  7. Suzuki R4L

    so which one of you crazy people is this?

  8. When was this taken? I want to go up there soon but not too excited about riding in snow . Is summer ever coming for us Washingtonians?
  9. Damn you! I was planning on having a nice relaxing Sunday and now after watching that I am currently gearing up to go for a ride haha. Great vid! And as for passing on the double yellow.... who cares!!?? Pass when you can and no oncoming traffic, it's either that or stay behind cagers your entire ride which is dumb. Glad i don't post my vids, I would get an ass reaming on here
  10. Suzuki R4L

    I think this is normal but I want to check

    Maybe double check your clutch adjustments? Maybe your clutch isn't fully disengaging and when you blip it, it dies because it's trying to move forward. That is what I would check first
  11. Suzuki R4L

    SM Fork Guards on an S YES THEY FIT PIC'S

    Yup they do fit. Just buy 2004 RM250 fork guards. They are exactly the same and allot cheaper, like $20 for the pair.
  12. Suzuki R4L

    Yoshi DRZ

    Damn that thing is ugly
  13. Suzuki R4L

    approx. how much is this drz400sm worth?

    3k tops IMHO
  14. Suzuki R4L

    ? Are the stock tires capable ?

    Drifting? Damn son that shit is tyte yo!! Let's make a drift team! I highly doubt a busa tire will even come close to fitting on your DRZ LOL
  15. Suzuki R4L

    omg got to see this drz400 at the track

    Obviously you have never taken a DRZSM on a track to tango with sportbikes. While all those sport bikes are bangin gears full on the breaks I am still wot tippin in and draggin pegs