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  1. Well that's obvious , he rides a ..........................Yamaha. couldn't pass that up !! Welcome to Pro's Mr. Expert !!
  2. I have not heard of it being done. Have you done or considered the taller 5th gear mod ? For $12k you could get this 6 speed [emoji6]
  3. Hell yes !! @redrider144 and I both ride bikes just like we like our Women , slender and High maintenance. Don’t let him fool you about the BBA love triangle his lady is gorgeous. Hmmm now I get why you might take offense since you talk a lot about Side by side’s [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] It’s ok buddy them Big girls love guys like you . [emoji12]
  4. I recently noticed comments on Dungeys and a couple other Pros social media accounts that were promoting the new "Regular MX Fox Gear clothing launch" expressing there dislike of this new "Collaboration" and disbelief FOX would go that route. So i started looking and came across that article and a few others. I don't wear it anyway. Looks like its geared more for the Yamaha and RMZ crowd, those Heavy bikes have a nice wide Booty balance point for that type of riding.
  5. Did you know this about FOX ?
  6. Nice Jarvis interview leading up to the race. The Red Bull Romaniacs prologue is an amazing start to the Hard Enduro Rallye, do you enjoy the spectacle of it? Jarvis “I’m a mountains man, so I’m most happiest in the wilderness. I enjoy the prologue but I don’t stress too much about it. I try to aim for a top five result — that’s always a realistic goal for me. But I do love the spectacle of it. There’s always a good atmosphere and so many people come out to watch. It’s impossible not to put on a show for them.”
  7. I think Reed takes Red death seriously . He is preparing and packing his shit up. [emoji6]
  8. I just came across this, FOX is expanding with a collaboration into a "new market" this may be old news but new to me... anyone else aware of this ?
  9. Only thing I’ve noticed about Reed is he is back riding Red
  10. Webb has become a victim of the "Barcia effect " The talk of Webb going orange has been going on a long time i sure hope it never happens , thats a terrible combo I too would love to see him in the RED Rig .. You know, those guys all double dating after the races.
  11. Pretty cool on-board Vid.
  12. With who ? I believe his contract is up the end of this year with Honda.. are they looking to re-sign him ?
  13. A few weeks ago
  14. I’ll save you the tap of the link as far as Anderson is concerned. Lol “However, people I talked to at RedBud from other teams agreed that it would be better to build a team with riders who have raced the full national season as opposed to Anderson, who is out injured at the moment.”
  15. Some history and today