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  1. conflicting dates with the Euro races ?? That will certainly make everyone even more hungry for the Win !!
  2. Nice chunk for Cody if he can win again.
  3. Latest DeCoster interview Wonder if Tickle had the pay us back salary clause ? Man he would be double screwed!!
  4. There was a couple bigger jumps Coombs just wasn’t quite up for doing on it and my bro would repass him in those areas and ended up coming out on top.
  5. Thought I would throw this in here. My little bro went head to head on his Husky with Davey Coombs on the Alta last Sunday at Highpoint.
  6. offroad

    It will be cool that Cody will be doing all these this year.
  7. And today’s KTM haters ..
  8. supercross

    Yes The Chokinator has passed it down to the little green guy. Time for Outdoors.. the whole series and series within a series has worn thin. I was actually pulling for Peick last night... give him Tickles ride , the dude works hard.
  9. Oh dear ... Better call Jeff Alessi
  10. Wow Sooo many stopped by injuries when it’s all added up.
  11. supercross

    Funny how the past turd YZ’s looked just like them .. ever wonder where they got the idea to make that tank WR heavier ?[emoji6] And I’m with Outer , hopefully Barcia keeps giving the Kancho to Webb.
  12. supercross

    Yes and Yamaha’s inspiration has worked out so well for others. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  13. motocross

    I agree .. the Red death shows no mercy.
  14. The new GasGas uses KYB
  15. I like the guy but he seems like he is going through a reverse puberty [emoji1349].. the dude can ride but his cracking voice gets worse each week with his droning lengthy interview answers [emoji86]