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  1. NJC

    hot rods stroker crank

    I've decided I can do my own piston work w/ a lil' help from my friends! I do appreciate the info provided here and will be frequently using the database of info on this site.
  2. NJC

    hot rods stroker crank

    Nope....friend is cutting some out this week on the water jet. Have crank and spacer covered. Otherwise I would be buying from you. Just need info/price on piston work (clearancing).
  3. NJC

    hot rods stroker crank

    I have a site sponsor from zcentral providing the crank, so I'm covered there. How much to only do the work on the piston? It's just a Wiseco 12.5, 94.5mm slug.
  4. NJC

    Bored and stroked DRZ riders - post up!

    First....thanks for the info. Second....Z400, not DRZ. I know they are the same motor, but I'm a 4 wheels kind of guy. Third....I'm surprised you didn't recognize me from Z400central. Since so many of you guys feel confident w/ the +5mm Hotrods crank in combination w/ the spacer plate, I'll probably be going that route when the motor gets tore down next. Not sure yet though....we are trying to see if we can get enough responses for CP to make a quality piston for us 94.5mm guys.
  5. NJC

    hot rods stroker crank

    If I'm not 100% comfortable "fitting" my own piston to match the stroker crank, is that something you are willing to do for me? If so, what's something like that cost? We are looking into a custom CP piston that may not need custom fitting but that's not something I want to hold my breath on.
  6. NJC

    Starter clutch fiasco.........

    Yep, I once had a one way starter gear that looked just like that. I've gone through 3 sets of starter clutches and 2 gears. Once I backed off my compression (piston change), I quit having those problems.
  7. NJC

    Thoughts on plastis polish

    Pro Clean 1000. Great for removing boot scuffs and smells nice too!
  8. NJC

    Bored and stroked DRZ riders - post up!

    I know that....I'm not exactly new to the Z engine or any other engine for that matter. Been wrenching on mine for a few years now. I meant is the stroker crank and spacer plate as basic as it sounds. Thus far, I'm gathering that it is. The only things that I'm learning about are clearancing the piston and dialing in the cams. Since I haven't installed a stroker crank yet, I haven't had a reason to takle those challanges.
  9. NJC

    hot rods stroker crank

    How exactly do you do this? I've never had to...
  10. NJC

    Bored and stroked DRZ riders - post up!

    Hey there fella's.....new to this forum, kind of...but not new to many other forums. I'm a long time member and Mod on z400central and we've had many discussions about stroking the 400. In one of our stroker motor threads, Eddies name was mentioned so I wanted to come here and ask for myself. What are all the details w/ the +5mm stroker crank and the spacer plate used to allow us to use our current top end, i.e. my 94.5mm top end? I currently have the Wiseco cylinder kit and have humored the idea of a stroker crank for many moons. Unfortunately, those of us that choose the 94.5mm top end have few piston options....especially stroker piston options. Most guys that run the 94mm top end have a wide range of standard stroke or stroker pistons to choose from. I want to upgrade to a 474 (or 475..whatever) myself and want to know if it's as easy as purchasing a Hotrods +5mm crank and this 2.5mm spacer plate I've heard of. My current internal set up is pretty basic: 94.5mm 12.5:1 Wiseco, old style Hotcams IN & EX, and std. size valves. Is the +5mm crank and spacer plate a basic install? I want to know everything needed to finish a job like this. Is degreeing the cams a must? Can the not be dropped in normally and ran? Is there an all inclusive crank/spacer plate/gasket kit available here or anywhere else? If so, how much. I'm asking nicely for all details please. Thanks guys.....us Z400 owners really respect you guys! At least I do.