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  1. It's the fuel pump filter on a 09 450. It should be white...
  2. Bike was actually stalling during riding with a Recluse clutch, it also dumped me during a race. Never put off maintenance . Does Honda still not sell these filters separately? Gonna try to fit a reusable coffee filter screen into the gas can. Anyone else have any luck with keeping their gas clean?
  3. My Enzo suspension has been excellent and other more advanced riders have commented on how nice it is. They are still not sold on the Recluse though...
  4. Nothing but love for mine, takes a little getting used to. Went into an old trail with downed trees, and crawled all over them with ease, would have turned around with my old clutch. It's so nice not to stall every couple of minutes...
  5. Not a single one
  6. The Recluse is awesome on the 09, my first one and I don't think I'll own another bike without one.
  7. Suspension by Enzo and the awesome Recluse z-start pro clutch. Just waiting for the 94 db FMF pipe and the CV4 red y hose kit.
  8. Timing... took 3 days for my dealership to set the timing right on my 09
  9. Which dealership are you dealing with? According to mine there still hasn't been an official statement. And the part was listed but not available for sale.
  10. Yeah they have the part # but it's not yet available in Canada yet. If it is a recall they'll want to put it in at the dealership. You can't buy it and you can't install it yourself.... Sucks
  11. Has anybody from Canada heard about a recall notice for the decomp pin? My dealership says nothing has come up yet, just wondering if anybody else has heard different. Thanks, and roll up the rim to win!
  12. The stock setting only needed a little leaning on the fuel screw. I think you might have went too for. Never had any problems with bogging as long as you don't let the revs drop too low in the corners.
  13. Just put my 07 together and it seems to be running lean. I have to have the thottle opened a crack for it to start. Any ideas? Does anybody have the Honda service "put together" check list? Thanks Lon