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  1. thank you ....I will try that
  2. Sorry for the confusion on the blog. I'm new to bikes and hope I can even get the parts terminology correct. Yes, the bike has gas flowing out of the tube connected to the bottom of the float bowl. It drips while it is not started, but then flows when it has been started then ran for a few minutes while it is still running. The bike will run decent when the choke is on, but off, it sputters. I'm going to take the float bowl off and look around in there. Just wish I knew what I was looking at lol ... Thanks for the tips....
  3. Hello all. My sons ttr 90 has a problem with gas dripping out of hose at carb. I took the float bowl off and the floats are moving. I'm not really experienced with carbs but would like to figure out whats going on with it. Ran a guitar cord through some of the valves and tried to clean. Does anyone have an idea on this or could point me in the direction of a diagram that id's the parts ? It will also run with the choke on but then idles real crappy and drips gas when idle off? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for the help... BG
  4. Thanks for the link BG
  5. Thanks for all the response for the seating . Hope everyone has a wild and safe night. See you at 2........ Peace..... BG
  6. Hey peeps.......... Hope everyone had a safe a wild new year. Its been years since Anaheim Stadium. Want to take the kid in a few weeks and was wondering what seat areas there are better than others, if any ? Lower Level Field Lower Level Terrace Outfield Seats in Right Field Top Level First Nine Rows Top Level Last 15 Rows Ticket Master is saying the best available is : PRICE LEVEL 1 OUTFIELD SEATS IN RIGHT FIELD P236 WW FULL PRICE TICKET US $45.00 US $7.55 P236 WW FULL PRICE TICKET US $45.00 US $7.55 P236 WW CHILDREN 2-12 YEARS-ADVANCE US $45.00 US $7.55 Thanks for all the help..... BG
  7. Thanks for all the input : Problem ended up being that he bent two dowel pins. Replaced those, straightened cover, sealed cracks and hes ready to go .... Maybe we can make it two laps around the field next time ... Have a great day Peace..............
  8. You will only get in trouble if they catch you... Keep your right hand down ...
  9. Hello All, We are picking up a 6' x 10 ' utility trailer with back laydown ramp. Trailer is 700 lb dry, 3500 # axle, with a 2000# capacity. I am hoping to tow this with 3 different vehicles...different times of course... DAY runs though, do you guys think an 89 Toyota V6 4x4 will have a problem with this weight. The book world, you know the manuals, the stamps on the hitches, etc...say it should be fine. Just looking for some practical input , maybe someone towed this setup before... Peace......BG DRZ 400 275 lb.... Suzuki Quad....you know the wifes..lol 350 lb ... the quad not the wife TTR 90 what maybe 100 lb ??
  10. Hey Thanks I will try that It only layed on its side for about 30 seconds. He is now telling me the throttle stuck before this happened. Not sure though It was his first time riding a bike. I had just bought that bike for him and was trying it out on the way home.. Kinda second guessing if When I bought it there was a problem? It ran fine then warmed it up , rode it checked for leaks etc...
  11. ThankYou Will post Pics.. No only flew thru the air landed and the bike stalled. Hes now telling me the throttle stuck ...lol
  12. Thanks For the Reply. We should of noted that first yes he was ok... First thing when he came to a stop.. his eyes were as big as apples.. After asking him if he was ok he jumped off that thing fast as I have ever seen him move. Looking back it was funny looking as all hell but scary for him im sure. I will get some pics together as well Thanks
  13. Thanks For the Tip
  14. If you put it in gear is the rear wheel locked or will it roll? You mention it rolls in neutral but it should also roll (with possibly a bit of resistance) in gear as well Hey there and Thanks for the response.. Yes it will roll when it is in gear.
  15. Hello All, Here is the deal, Son was riding for the first time. TTR 90 2002, Had been on 5 minutes when he hit a whoop, landed on a chunk of jagged concrete, 2 more feet in the air then came to a stop with the engine stalling. We tried to start the bike back up.. Kick start will not budge then observed oil leaking from a crack in the casing. The bike rolls when it is in nuetral??? PLease help did we destroy the engine on the first day lol Or does anyone have a suggestion of what the problem or problems may be? Any Help please...........