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  1. Nitroused383

    YZ 250 jetting program......Uh, well, ya see.....

    I haven't logged onto this site in atleast 5 years. I had some PM's from people still requesting this and I ended up finding the jetting program if anyone is still interested. It was only buried in about 7500 emails haha. Can't say I ever remember using the program but if anyone still wants it I did find it.
  2. Nitroused383

    GoPro Mount 2011

    I like the mount idea and I will probably use it. The best free GoPro editing software I've found is the VideoPad video editor. You don't have to convert any files and you can export it into any format you like (smaller file sizes). It is super simple to trim long clips down too. Here you go http://videopad-video-editor.en.softonic.com/ I recorded 2 laps of Ironman (Desert 100) but they are pretty boring. Since we are sharing GoPro clips: http://vimeo.com/21867405
  3. Nitroused383

    YZ250 Dyno Shootout.

    RCannon please keep in mine we do not ride dynos. Dynos are very nice tools, but they are mearly a tuning device. In no way shape or form can a dyno indicate part throttle operations, only wide open throttle. Also engines operate much differently under different amounts of load. It is very nice to see the different curves, but they only apply to WOT. You may indeed have a greater "human sense" than you are aware of, its just that no dyno can simulate that.
  4. Nitroused383

    YZ250 Timing Thread

    Ok I just found out my Dad rotated the flywheel counterclockwise to get the marks to line up. That would be .005 after top dead center, so my bike was 8+ degrees retarded, hm that is really odd. Now it is actually set to .002" after top dead center. I've always thought my bike out pulled almost any 250 on the top end. I can't believe its so retarded. We had to rotate the stator clockwise to get it to .002". It just dawned on me, no more working on the bike at 12am.
  5. Nitroused383

    YZ250 Timing Thread

    Just to update this I checked mine and it was at .005". I run a dep pipe and no longer the dep silencer (cry) but I retarded it to .002" just to try it out. I run 100% avgas which is 102 mon octane so I will probably advance it 1 degree over stock since I like the hit. Anyways going riding in 5 hours so I need to get some sleep!
  6. Nitroused383

    YZ250 Dyno Shootout.

    Where are the results from your other pipes?
  7. Nitroused383

    YZ250 Dyno Shootout.

    Confirms my opinions on the DEP vs PC pipe. Thanks for the info, did the HPI ignition retard the timing?
  8. Nitroused383

    Difference between FMF "Q" and Turbinecore 2?

    Thanks for the info guys! I said forget FMF and ordered the Pro Circuit Nature friendly
  9. Alright guys I know most all silencers are the same for our bikes (YZ250's). I am looking for a spark arrestor and was curious on the difference between these two silencers in performance and sound. I realize the "Q" Stealth is quieter than the standard "Q", but what is different between the turbinecore 2 and standard "Q" ? Thanks guys
  10. Nitroused383

    YZ250 squish clearance

    250 is 12.8:1
  11. If you feel you gained a little torque down low it is entirely possible. Detonation does not = power, if you are pinging you are losing power. By retarding the timing a little you may increase the torque from a cleaner more efficient burn. When I ever get time to stop playing with cars, guns, snowmobiles, I hope to play with my YZ as it has been way too long.
  12. Nitroused383

    Piston and Cylinder Heads (Pics)

    The exhaust side has more heat to cause carbon buildup. The intake side should always have a bit of a wet looking pattern atleast a fingernail's width. The intake side is cooled from the fuel and air charge. Looks like its very rich to me, but there are many things that can effect that. Here is one of my pistons for reference, I feel it was jetted alittle on the safe side. As long as it doesn't look like this you are fine. When I first bought my bike I tore it down because the guy told me he completely rebuilt the engine, and built bikes for a living. He sponsored alot of riders but this is what I found. He denied everything and told me it was because I didn't use the same premix that he did or that I got water on my air filter. You can't trust anyone now adays.
  13. Nitroused383

    Mountain Bike Prices - Crazy!

    Thanks alot I will see what is around. I used to check out that mtbr.com website but I soon found out that mountain bikes are very specialized. I wanted a good all around bike but it seems some bikes are only good for going down hill. They suck for pedaling and some are weak for doing other things. Than there was all the info about frames and rear linkages holy cow! It was very overwhelming and I had no idea what type of bike to actually look for. I used to be hardcore into bmx so the whole suspension and shifting thing is new to me. I think I had a chromoly Gary Fisher probably 10 years ago. What style of bike should I look for?? Freeride or xc i have no clue lol.
  14. Nitroused383

    Mountain Bike Prices - Crazy!

    I know that but I don't really have a clue which specific bikes would be best for me. Just name off some ones I should look at, what to avoid. Probably 50/50 street trail riding. I want to get a good work out and have some fun with out destroying something.
  15. Nitroused383

    Mountain Bike Prices - Crazy!

    What would you guys recommend for someone who isn't into hardcore mnt biking but would like to ride one around town and maybe hit some jumps on trails. Mostly for exercise, not sure I even need full suspension maybe just a front shock? I am 6'3" 190lbs. I would prefer used or cheap to start out with to see if I enjoy it, under $1000 would be great. I was looking at Kona Stinky or something along those lines? Would that suck to ride around town?