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  1. shamunkin

    Where to do Harescramble's in PA.

    go to slippery rock dunes.com its a great place for beginners
  2. simple green and a garden hose. never a pressure washer
  3. shamunkin

    What goggles for a dude with 4 eyes?

    i use the rx insert with scott otg goggles because i still had a fogging problem with no sweats.the otg`s flow more and i love them for tight woods on humid days
  4. shamunkin

    Knee guard and pants

    I use the same thor guards with acerbis boots and moose pants. Perfect fit with no binding.
  5. shamunkin

    Moving to Pittsburgh need help

    go to www.trcr.org its a w. pa. trailriding club
  6. shamunkin

    How Important is a chest protector

    i never ride without mine. it saved my butt quite a few times. i have a zipty through the bottom of protector that i run the belt of my pants through. keeps it from creeping up.
  7. shamunkin

    Suggestions please!

    I had the same problems on my 04,I added a pwr now,a quickshot and went to a 49t rear sprocket.I also bumped the idle up a little and I dont have stalling problems in the tight stuff anymore. I did not add any fww.
  8. shamunkin

    helmet cam

    motosport outlet has 20/20 helmet cams for 230 bucks and it got a good rating in dirtrider. I bought one and hope to try it this weekend I`ll try to post how it worked monday
  9. shamunkin

    riding gear

    moose sahara in summer months
  10. shamunkin

    Shorter Kickstart Lever?

    frpoffroad.com has their own for 100 bucks,havent used myself but heard they work