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  1. wish I could've been there this weekend. too much time riding in the car, not enough time on the bike.
  2. Fun??? I wouldn't know the first thing about any of that kind of stuff.
  3. too bad I'll be in CT this weekend. Really want to go ride now.
  4. that's just the 450's... 250 is on the gas all the way down the hill and about 1/3 throttle off the face if you got a good drive. plus it's a little bigger now and much bigger when you see it in person.
  5. f-yea doggie lips. good times at A51! the radio blastin was a nice touch this weekend too.
  6. Plus the fact that they actually expect me to work around here
  7. beer AND a grill... only thing missing is the cot to sleep on... guess the couch will do!
  8. Def efficient. Enough that we could have 2 bikes torn down and still not get in each other's way and about every tool known to man.
  9. gotta do something to pass the time here at the office... they've blocked every other known website in the world.
  10. I can't wait! All week working on the dirt scoot... time to twist a grip doggie lips.
  11. yup got that right Tom, what the heck is going on? just think there's a little ccc influence going on in the other parts of the country. how about that step up?
  12. I can post them up when I get home
  13. no f'n way. I know who this is. you might recall some squid running the #861 that moved to FL a couple years ago.
  14. my vid video of myself and a couple friends.... I'm in the red shirt. Thanks for watchin!
  15. ping's commentary is some of the best commentary in recent years IMO. an asset to the mediocre coverage that OLN provides. I find myself still waiting for HD coverage from one of the networks... time for someone to step up