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  1. Hey Bruiser, is that a holster attached to your radiatior shroud? Just curious. I'm always looking for a better way to carry on the bike. That thing looks cool. Who makes it?
  2. If the dirt/stain is real bad, try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. You will need to re-condition the leather afterwards, but it works real well. Works great to clean bike plastics too.
  3. 14K and running great.
  4. Just under 13000 miles and no issues yet...(maybe a little oil burn...that's all) 2002 DRZ400s. The miles are equally street and off-road. Not much highway.
  5. I have a Vespa 166cc "dual sport"....well, at least that's what I do with it, and it is the most fun I have ever had on two wheels hands down! You get the same thrill at 30 mph that you would get on any other bike going 100. Neither dual sports nor Vespas belong on the highway though.
  6. Dual sport is a frame of mind. I learned to off-road ride on my 1979 Vespa 125cc. It is every bit as much fun as my DRZ.
  7. I have a 2002 400s with just over 11000 miles on it and not one thing to complain about. I beat it like a dog that's been getting into the trash, and still, it never complains. I love my DRZ!