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  1. my grandpa gave me 2 gallons of optilube 4cycle oil it has a sj rating but that is about all the info on the containers. anyone used this or know if its ok for the wr? thanks koda
  2. i believe the tail light is aready wired for a brake light. you need a brake light switch that replaces the adjustable end of the piston on your rear master cylinder( the part the foot lever pushes up). they are standard for most japanese bikes, i think moose makes one for about $25. the stock bulb might be a dule filiment but you should look to see if you need one of these as well. I have learned this from doing searches on this forum, you can find lots of info on connecting the wires in here also cheers koda 04wr250f
  3. the bike is my girlfriends, i have an 04 wr that i put a yz tank and shrouds on and it made a huge difference in ridder position and the feel of the bike. So, i'm trying to learn about how to make her 06 feel more nimble. I have already looked into seats and suppension. thanks for the reply
  4. if its glowing red at an idle,(obviously bright red) then i would first try turning out your fuel screw a half turn. If you just notice a little glow when your bike is in a dark place i would'nt worry. hope this helps, don't listen to the geek kids in here that just want to be internet nazi's
  5. hello? someone must have some experience with switching to yz tanks, right? thanks for any info. koda
  6. will 03 and newer gas tank and shrouds fit on an 06 wr? thanks Koda
  7. If u have'nt totaly cleaned your carb in a while i would start there first. Also since it is winter I would keep that bigger main jet in (probly arround 180) and move your needle jet one clip richer. Most important, adjust your fuel screw out. No more than 2.5 turns out . Hope this helps
  8. i bent my new bars just a little, a 1/2" down on height. Has any one tried to straighten pro tapers?
  9. I'm looking for 1 1/8 bar mounts for my stock tripple clamp and I saw some in the TT store (part# 0603-0143) but it says yzf not yz250f. Does anyone know if these are the same application for my 04 wr250f. I would have searched for this or any info regarding bar mounts but the search never works(always dissabled or to busy?) thanks Nick
  10. are all scotts steering dampers the same except for different mounting hardware? Or is valving different for different bikes?
  11. does anyone know if an 02 yzf seat will fit my 04 wr? i already have a yzf tank. thanks for any info