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  1. will do thanks ,sorry mine is a 06 model,thanks again for your time,think they better go back to the dealer.
  2. sorry chaps must be going a bit lexdecsik,or got to stop smoking!! any ideas on the oil amount?had new seals fitted but front end feels super hard spoke to the tech he tells me he put 300 mls in,and to drain out 50 mls from the air bleed hole,done that but still doesn't feel nice and smooth,compression and rebound are set to standard?? help cheers. nice band.
  3. how much oil do i put in the front forks,im 182 pounds. thanks
  4. Hi does anyone know a good suspension set up for racing on very bumpy sandy tracks, only drop off jumps,i seem to be suffering from serious arm pump. im 13 stone with a euro 06 yz250f racing with southern motox england,cheers chaps.