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  1. I think that's a good suggestion (but a couple of pdf's from the powervalve sections would be nice )
  2. I have resleved the cylinder and it is stock boring. What should the jet/pin be? I still have some concern about the KIPS not moving when I rev it (the nut is tight yes).. Thanx for the tips KX Monster
  3. I have a 91mod 125KX and is also having some problems with the KIPS. Last season I've made it run ok, let's say 90%, but this season it starts easy and run on idle. However, when I take it for a spin it runs really bad. When I give it full throttle it want bug, but it wont accellerate. Feels like I'm pulling a truck Last year I did the top end and took the side cover off so I could get to the KIPS "center". The springs are tight and looks good, the same goes with the rest. So I put it back together again. And suddenly out of nowhere the power valves started to move around half throttle. This year the power valves want move when I rev it up. However the valves moves freely when I use my fingers. &%$#@!!! I feel it is a bit hard all the way, but it is has the same tension as last season. I'm running out of Ideas What is the valves position when 0% throttle and 100% throttle. Mine is closed at 0% and openes gradually, IF I do it manually. When starting the engine, nothings happends... H E L P...
  4. ok, I have now opened the right hand side casing and looked inside. First off all I'm lucky doing this because the bolt that tightens the waterpump was broken -> so no cooling Second of all I now understand the mechanic operation of the powervalves. However I could not find anything wrong and still don't understand why there isn't any movement on my powervalves. Everything looks fine but I don't know if i.e. the 4 metall balls are within spec, but this does not look as a critical area for me. Can anyone give me any pointers, please...
  5. I have know been looking at my bike and it seems like the power valves are not moving. What I mean is that they do travel freely when I push/pull with my fingers, but when I start up the bike the pin down to the engine case ain't moving?! So the power valves are static in the same position all the time (the two extra ports on each side are never open) What should I check? Or what should I do? I this operated by vacum, mechanics, or what?! It looks like tomorow practice is going down the drain
  6. When it's on the stand it sounds crisp and snappy vroom vroooom But when I drive on the track it felles "tired". I can crank it open and it doesn't stall or anything it just take a he.. of a long time. I will check the powervalves tonight and see. But should they be more and more open as you increase the throttle. And closed when on idle?
  7. Hi (year91 - kx125) I'm having very little power in the low and middle rpm range. It's about only the top 10% where there are some power. When I give it full throtle it builds up very slow and if there are i.e. a up hill climb it dies out... Why I rebuild the top end and have just had about 1 hour riding on it. I have repacked the pipe (Not sure if was done right, but I think so), cleaned and had new oil on the air filter... My suggestion is the power valves or the air/fule mixture setting that is wrong?! How are the power valves suppose to be when there are no throttle on -> closed?! And opening more and more... What should I do...
  8. Yeeehaa Cleared the smaller table top on practice yesterday and went smoth as silk My last post about the angle takeoff/landing just fell in place by it self Sweet This motorcross thing is pretty funny
  9. Good input On my track there are two table tops. The big one is nice because it has a nice curved end so its not så critical where you land. The other one that is smaller is more square so to speak, where your timing needs to be right. Probebly a stupid question, but it looks difficult to get the right curve. When you go of the lip your front tire is on top, but when you land you want your rear wheel to be on top. Is there a trick here? I've heard that 4-stroke guys can adjust by braking/giving throttle, is there some triks like that for my 2-stroke? Thanx again
  10. Hi i'm pretty new to this sport and also have som questions I ride a 125 two stroke. And before a jump I find the right speed for me and let go of the throttle a little bit when I jump. I feel this way it makes me keep the bike level. Is that the right way!? So to clear the table top I just need more speed and do it the same way until I clear it?! A little bit afraid to land on my back wheel and flip a round
  11. Hi I wonder if there are any step by step guide on how to get the power valves set up right after I have rebuild my top end. It's a 91mod kx125.
  12. I have just rebuild my top end and refitted the power valves by eye. Is there a step by step way to do this? Align this with that, and that with this. And so on?!
  13. water and oil? Is there cooling water in your cylinder?
  14. I read the mixture earlier in the thread, but It got clearer now, thanx My face is usually swetty RED when tigthening bolts so trying to do this right this time. I had a nicasil cylinder which was ****ed up(sorry the language) and went for a sleeve instead of a new nicasil coating. The reasen being that I'm a weekend driver and don't think the heat/weight aspect is a problem for me. And this also give me the opportunity to rebore for less of a cost if something happends. After the top end rebuild is there anything I should keep in mind at the beginning?! Or should I just kickstart the animal and go for it... thanx guys
  15. I'm getting confused So what is the correct gas/oil mixture and what about the air mixture. Do I need some sort of an instrument or can I adjust the air mixture by ear or 2,5 turns out or what? By the way, what is the correct amount of "tourqe" (I don't know if this is the right word) on the bolts after redoing the topend. Tight it as hard as possible?! I have a 91 mod 125, but I recon. that's the same... Thanx