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    My 250F Flywheel cracked

    Have they fixed it in the newer models? It completely spit in two then bounce around and broke the inside of the case pretty bad. This shouldn't be a common thing. Has Kawasaki done anything about it? Isn't that made of steel? You would think it would be pretty hard to break. I'm just kinda flabergasted (did i spell that right?) lol. This has turned into a pretty costly fix. Thank god for sponsors. It just bothers me to think that if this is a common thing, should i plan on the new crank i put in doing the same thing a year down the road? Or is there something that can help prevent it? Thanks everyone for your help/comments. If you look at the pic in the previous post it is part number 13037 that split in two. It is listed as the crankshaft, LH.
  2. GunnarL

    My 250F Flywheel cracked

    I think maybe i used the wrong verbage. It looks like it was one of the counter weights that broke. Here is a pick from my mechanic. The redline represents what and where it cracked. I haven't seen anything like this before. It sucks. Now i have to get a new case and completely rebuild the bottom end.
  3. GunnarL

    My 250F Flywheel cracked

    I have a 2004 kx 250f Built by pro circuit. The bike died on me last race. The mechanic originally thought it was the crank, then he found the the flywheel had cracked. And that's what caused the crank to go out. Which also cause the case to get damaged. Has anyone ever heard of this happening before? I have talked to many people and no one has ever heard of a flywheel breaking. I'm hoping someone in this vast sea they call the internet can help me out. I am trying to contact Kawasaki, and see what the think. Any help would be greatly appriciated.