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  1. mhammer

    When to upgrade my 09 KLX250s

    No, the exhaust and the "intake" mods as you call them were done to match the larger displacement and I did break in the new cylinder on non-synthetic oil. I think that's where I confused things. I probably did about 600 miles on the new cylinder before switching back to synthetic.
  2. mhammer

    When to upgrade my 09 KLX250s

    You can start the mods immediately like some of the impatient on here have suggested. Just know that you are reducing the life of the engine by doing so. If your goal is maximum life of the bike, follow the break-in method of varying speed, keeping rpms down and no synthetic for the first 1000 to 1500 miles. After that, mod to your heart's content. I have 12,240 miles on my 2006 now and it runs like new. I made mods at about 1000 miles. I have the 300cc kit, full Muzzy stainless exhaust, KLX300 carb parts, 13 tooth Moose front sprocket and the KDX200 snorkel. I went with the 3.7 gallon Acerbis tank and wouldnt give it up for anything! The engine has been on Amsoil synthetic 10W40 motorcycle oil since 1000 miles. I change it and the filter every 1200 miles since I'm almost exclusively commuting now.
  3. I will be stunned if there is a performance increase over stock at that low of a sound output. You would have to believe the leaders in the aftermarket exhaust community would have long since offered it if it were possible.
  4. mhammer

    13 tooth front sprocket in the mail

    My 13 tooth Moose brand sprocket went on the KLX250s (300cc) last night. I was looking to reduce clutch feathering from standing start to first gear. IT would really help in the tight offroad sections. It gave me exactly that. 70mph highway is now about 7000rpms but thats probably about a 300rpm change? I like how the gears feel now. My quick opinion is that this is an improvment.
  5. mhammer

    Did you notice that your KLX250S was.....

    Yep. My 2006 was. I knew it when I bought it. No regrets. The machine is of the highest quality! 12,240 miles so far.
  6. Yeah, see thats what I'd like to get out of some BT45s. I was looking at the 404's too and they're probably very similar in wear and grip. I am pretty happy about how long even aggressive knobbies are doing on the street but sure wouldnt mind if tire wear went from 6000 miles to 12000 or 15000. Plus, the knobbies do impart a little bit of vibration I'd like to get rid of as well. I just ordered a set of H rated Bridgestone BT45s from Dennis Kirk. They'll go on when I finish up the knobbies on hand.
  7. mhammer

    klx250s oil changes, how often

    I'm with you Deej. I'm at 12,240 miles. I just put a new Dunlop 606 on the rear tonight along with new chain and sprockets. I went down one tooth in the front to a 13. So, I got 12000+ from the original chain and sprockets and I am averaging 6100 miles per rear tire (Dunlop 603 & Pirelli MT21 so far). I got 8000 out of the original front Dunlop but will only get about 5000 out of the current MT21 front. It's wearing very strangely. Anyway, I'm running Amsoil 10W40 motorcycle synthetic with changes every 1200 miles (almost all onroad miles). It gets new filter each time but I have never replaced the o-ring on the oil filter cover. It's been a great purchase!
  8. I cant find how to edit a post so I'll mention here....the stock tires on my KLX were Dunlop 603's I think. I dont know where I came up with calling them 607's. Anyway, I just installed a Dunlop 606 on the rear tonight after getting 5000+ out of a Pirelli MT21. I'm planning on a set of Bridgestone BT45's after burning up the 606 and the AC10 I'm puting on the front shortly. I have found no reason not to use tubes in the BT45s and plenty of support to do so. The only concern left is whether the BT45 will be too stiff in the sidewalls to be able to manually spoon them on.
  9. I'm now at 12,100 miles and about ready to change out the MT21. I have a Dunlop 606 for the rear next. I'm averaging 6000+ out of rear tires right now between the stock 603 and the MT21. The front 603 was 8000 miles but this front MT21 has worn very strangely. It HAS to be a multicompound tire as the one style of knob is nearly gone and the tall ones in the center are nearly new. It currently has 4000+ and will probably have to go by 5000.
  10. mhammer

    How many Miles/Km on dualsport tires?

    I now have 12,100 miles on my 2006 KLX250s. I had the stock 604's and now coming to the end of a set of Pirelli MT21s. So, I'm averaging about 6000 miles on the rear. I got 8000 out of the original Dunlop 604 front but this MT21 front is only going to make about 5000. It's wearing very odd. My riding is 12:1 onroad/offroad. As much as that rear MT21 is a 90% offroad tire, it has done great onroad and in the rain!
  11. mhammer

    Here is a street tire option for $76 for both tires

    Looks like Dennis Kirk is dumping Cheng Shin as a product line. Everything is on closeout. Have there been issues with these tires. I know until coming to TT I didnt hear much good about them.
  12. mhammer

    klx250s oil changes, how often

    I have the 300cc kit with klx300r carb pieces, KDX200 snorkel and full Muzzy stainless exhaust. I run 1000 miles between Amsoil 10W40 motorcycle synthetic oil changes as I am currently 99% commuting. I now have 10,300 miles on mine. There is a difference between using your bike and consuming it. Sustained use above 7000rpm is definiately consuming the bike. Someone asked, "who cares"? I do. It's my bike. I dont have to turn 10,000 rpm's to stay with you in the woods. I probably blip above 7000rpm now and then. I'll be right there.
  13. Ricochet brand from Utahsportcycle.com makes a great skid/glide plate for the KLX250s.
  14. Thats 7000 kilometers right?
  15. Well, for me durability in terms of milage mean the most to me now since the KLX is almost exclusively daily commuting transportation. My buddies have all but quit riding off-road so to justify my $7000 dual-sport I'm loading on commuting miles. I'm at 10,170 miles now with a plan to keep the bike to 30,000 then probably trading back into a Ninja. I'm burning through the on/offroad tires on hand before switching to sport touring or super motard tires next. I have a Dunlop 606 for the rear and a Michellin AC10 for the front after these Pirelli MT-21s give it up. I'm going to get 6000 miles from the rear MT21.