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  1. Would an exhaust valve with .009 to much gap cause popping on decel, a pop while revving the engine a few times in a row, and a misfire while holding a steady rpm? Don't know why it's out but am going to pull the valve this weekend to make sure nothing is wrong with it or the seat. From the bottom side everything looks good as does the piston. Hopefully it's only in need of a shim.
  2. No exhaust leak that I can detect. The tps seems to be working. Does not stop the missfire while disconnected. With it disconnected it dies after getting off the throttle. I have now changed the plug Moved my clip up and down 2 positions on the needle all to no effect. I will get the 48 and 50 jets this weekend and double check valves. I'm running out of ideas. I have noticed it will missfire while on the stand. Revs up fine but hold the throttle in one position it has a constant missfire.
  3. The throttle position is anywhere between closed and open. Whatever position keeps the engine at a steady rpm. It could be 1/4, 1/2, 3/4. It's all the same. if the engine is under load no mater the throttle position no missfire. Runs perfect under load. it only misses at a steady rpm with little to no load on the engine. I will check the tps and give my exhaust a good checking over.
  4. 04 yz450f Dr. D Exhaust No Toil filter 5000ft current jets: 45 PJ 170 MJ stock needle and clip position. I have a hesitation/miss fire while trying to maintain a speed/rpm. It is more pronounced at a higher rpm. Easy to start pulls good no bog or miss fire on acceleration. If I run up hard to say 50mph everything is good until I hold that speed and rpm. Also has popping on decell which is why I keep going up on the pilot. My current jetting was changed in this order one at a time. MJ from 168 to 170 PJ 40 to 42 PJ 42 to 45 I have run the mixture screw out from 1/2 turn to 3 turns out with all jets. It seems to be getting a little better but not a big enough change to think I'm doing the right changes. My next try is to go up to a 48PJ then 50 if need be. I don't have either of those on hand right now. I'm not sure this will fix the problem though. Anything else I should try along with going up on the PJ?
  5. I have an 07 19ft WW. It has two batteries. A couple weeks ago someone stole one. Now my power nose stand is not working but everything else 12v is. I haven't had a whole lot of time to check it out yet. I did check the wires going to the motor and they are dead. There are also 3 7.5amp fuses in a box near the batteries and a 40amp fuse off a power wire from the battery. All these fuses are good. Soon as I get time I'm going to do more digging to see if I can figure out whats up. Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a hidden fuse or something I can try right off before I waste a bunch of time. And BTW I bought these to lock up my battery boxes in case anyone else is interested.
  6. They fit my pro taper bars with no adjustments
  7. Thanks
  8. Yeah ummmm .... Looks awesome I can picture it now.
  9. I noticed there is one thing missing. the "I HEART OBAMA" sticker.
  10. Can anyone tell me if an 07 YZ450f shock will fit on an 03? I'm looking for options to replace my shock. Some how I bent the shaft and it is still leaking after a rebuild. Anyone ever go after market like Fox or Works suspension? Any suggestions?
  11. It should only cost you the amount of the tube. The first change may be a little more since you should be buying tire irons.
  12. You have to clean that crap after the race not weeks later.
  13. I pull a 19ft WW Superlight with my 08 5.7 Tundra just fine. Pulling in the wind sucks but everything is all good. No problem pulling hills out here.
  14. They are all this way.
  15. Get back on the bike. I shattered my L1 (Vertebrae bellow the ones you broke). I've had rods and screws put in, 5 disks taken out, pinched nerves, and bone fusion over two surgeries. Wore a full body brace for 6 months. Doc told me I shouldn't do anything again along with everyone else around me. They say that because they are worried about you. If you have the will and fight in you stay on the bike. I still snowboard ride mx, road race, I've played hockey etc. (Even had a nasty high side get off that left me with a broken wrist and foot) Get back up on your feet asap. Don't sit around and feel sorry for yourself or say you cant do this or cant do that. It will only make things worse and cause you to rot away, don't live your life in a box. Only thing I had to change was my job. I cant stand up for 10+ hours a day anymore. There are days when it hurts more then others. Learn to deal with it (without drugs) and continue on with life. Do as much as you can while you can.