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  1. mcmxracing

    I'm confused...

    very interesting....
  2. mcmxracing

    how is blue diamond?

    they leave some ruts in the turns which makes it fun. There are a good amount of jumps, none of them are dangerous. Its a fun track. I may be going Saturday or Sunday.
  3. mcmxracing

    The two stroke is dead!

    he ended up with $4700! thats pretty good just for qualifying on a 125...
  4. mcmxracing

    was anyone at njorvp 4/21?

    Every time I've gone to blue diamond they have only charged me $30 to ride without a membership. NJORVPs intermediate track is more like beginners and their mx track is more like a intermediate track. I know its not a "practice facility"... but for $50 a day, it needs to be better than what it is. And at least at BD if you show up on a Sunday after 10 you can still get in and park.
  5. mcmxracing

    torque wrench

    they are definitely a good tool to have when truing. easily worth the money.
  6. mcmxracing

    was anyone at njorvp 4/21?

    same here. I would rather spend the money going to Blue Diamond (same distance, less money to ride) or Irish Valley (3 hours, still less money to ride than njorvp)
  7. mcmxracing

    CRF450R or CRF250R for a novice?

    Beginners DO NOT belong on 450's. It doesn't matter if you are heavy couch potato or what not, or have been racing quads. You need to LEARN the bike skills on a smaller cc bike. This is why so many people are getting hurt on 450's. Its not because the bikes are to powerful, its because beginning riders think they are hot shots and can handle them. Like camP has been saying, get the 250, sharpen your skills. When you are pushing that thing in 4th gear using every ounce of power, then move up to the 450.
  8. mcmxracing

    Way to prevent arm pump

    Lots of water (drank through out the day and days leading up to the ride/race), Lots of bananas (potassium), grip the bikes with knees and feet, BREATH!
  9. mcmxracing

    how much "oomph" from porting??

    you can have your engine guy port it close to your needs. You don't NEED a cam, but it definitely will round out the package.
  10. mcmxracing

    so i have an idea..

    Truck beds sit open in 110+ degree weather with the sun beating on it probably pushing it to feel like 150 degrees. I doubt heat will be an issue. good idea should look pretty good
  11. mcmxracing

    How To Get Grips To Stick?

    Pro-Taper Grip Glue. You have to be really quick. Put it on the bar and grip then slide it on and it will dry in less than 2 minutes and is held on very well. I used to use Renthal grip glue and safety wire. The pro-taper stuff is so much better even without the wire.
  12. mcmxracing

    250 or 450 for Beginner?

    gee.. I wonder why there is so much talk for the past several years especially this year about downsizing the 450....
  13. I have two of them. Mcgrath replica and the black/red deuce. At first look, I loved them. Then I found some issues. First - On the Mcgrath replica the holes for the visor were drilled to high up and the visor looks a little goofy because of how high it sits. Second - The Deuce, the plastic mouth piece is loose - very loose, tightening the screws in it did nothing, put some super glue on it and it worked till a rock hit it and knocked it loose again. Third - the whole mouth piece is way to close.. very hard to breath in hot weather. And now I bought some brand new Scott NoSweat XI goggles that have the nose guard and vent on the top, and they don't fit in the helmet... I still wear them because they are comfortable helmets and I can deal with their issues, But I will definitely be getting a different helmet first time one of these takes a hard hit. Looking at the new EVS takt.... Hopefully you have better luck with it.
  14. mcmxracing

    HELP I need some advise

    if that doesnt work or if its still uncomfortable, there are several companies that you can get a +1 - +5 extended shifter...www.shifttip.com Also if the boots are still new, remember that they will break in over time.
  15. mcmxracing

    How do you make the frame SHINY

    would have saved a lot of time if you just used a Mother's Detailing Power Ball. and some Mothers liquid aluminum polish. Takes about 10 minutes, if not less, on each side and comes out looking like chrome. Sand paper....