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  1. byw

    2001 xc 250 GasGas

    I'm looking for opinions on a 2001 xc 250 GasGas.Please tell me the good the bad the ugly.Any problems with said bike anything to look out for.Also tell me what you like about the bike.Thanks
  2. byw

    Yz 250 woods bike ????

    Thanks guys for the replys .Is it a must to have the suspension redone or can the stock suspensionn be made to work.Sounds like a fww is inorder.The only other issue here in Mi. is to race most enduro's you have to be street legal but I do have acerbis battery headlight and taillight.Doesn't make light for long but long enough to pass inspection.
  3. byw

    Yz 250 woods bike ????

    Cool video's.I have looked at the KTM's and they are nice but everybody has one here in Mi.I don't like being like everyone else.So thinking a yz 250 2st would be the ticket.
  4. I curently ride a 2001 yz 426.Thinking very hard about going to a yz 250 2st.I just this year got into racing enduro's and loved it.But find the 426 to be very top heavy and not flickable in the tight and nasty stuff.My questions are can the stock suspension be adjusted enough to make it soft enough for woods riding.Besides a flywheel weight,bigger tank what else would I need to do to make it a woods weapon.Thanks
  5. I did look at the 07 wr there still like almost 30 pounds heavier.Thats a lot of extra weight to haul around.I like the 4 stroke power but want 2 stroke lite wieght and flickable ride.
  6. Thanks I didn't think it would wishfull thinking.I think there might be a new woods YZ 450 in my future.
  7. Thanks for your input.Flickable that is what I'm looking for.I geared my 426 down 1 on the front and it seems pretty good (13/49) .I have not rode a 450 yet but just sitting on them and moving them around they feel "YZ" way lighter then the WR.The Wr's still feel top heavy to me. The only issue is I would have to get it plated for enduro's.Would my clarke tank 01 yz 426 work on a 06 Yz.Mike
  8. Anybody ride a 06 yz 450 in the tight woods (single track)I ride single track and just this year started racing enduro's.I currently ride an 01 yz 426 really love the power but wouldn't mind some thing lighter.The magic buton would be nice on a Wr but they feel and are heavy compared to a YZ.Please give me your thought.Thanks
  9. Well i did my first enduro a National enduro "Loose Moose" in the U.P. of Michigan.This past Sunday had a great time got 6th in C senior.My bike ran great all day.I love the 4 stroke power,bike does feel a little heavy but I have no problem horseing it around 200lbs with gear.I was just thinking lite would be better.I was dead tired afterward but pretty sure I would have been that tired riding a pit bike.The enduro's in Michigan there is a sea of orange bikes.I'm not a follow the flock kind on guy so I have been looking at other bikes Gas Gas ,Yz 250,Wr 450.In Mi. we have to be street legal so that makes bike choice a little more difficult unless you want to sink a chunk of change to make it legal.I've never spent much time on a 2 stroke so don't really know if I would like that or not.Just looking for some pros and cons about enduro bikes.Thanks
  10. I know that is a loaded question with 10k answers but I would like some feedback on what you feel is a great enduro racing bike and why.2t or 4t what brand and why you think that bike is the best choice.Not looking for brand loyalty here good useable reasons why to look in a certain direction.Currently have a Yz 426 with lights and tail light.Thanks
  11. byw

    02 YZ426F Problem?

    If your looking for a coil the Yamaha RX-1 - Apex snowmobiles coil works perfectly.Check out http://www.ty4stroke.com/viewforum.php?f=3 Always some body parting out a sled.If you can't find one in the classified put a post on the Rx-1 board that your looking for one.Don't for get to get the plug in conecter as well.
  12. byw

    02 YZ426F Problem?

    I also had a similar problem 01 426.I ended up finding a bad coil.I checked every electric componet and they all checked out fine bought a stick coil.Long story short coil was bad.Plug still really black but have not fouled a plug since.I'm now dropping my jetting to clean up plug hopefully.I feel your pain it took me about a month to figure it out.I was ready the thing.
  13. byw

    Valve Shims

    Thanks that gives more places to look
  14. byw

    Valve Shims

    Thanks but as usual in a hurry.Have a enduro this Sunday not sure they are out but figure I'd better check them they were close last time.Mike
  15. byw

    Valve Shims

    What other valve shims would work in my 01 426,Yamaha dealer does not stock any.Kawazaki,Honda,etc.Thanks