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  1. Trail monkey

    Don't Laugh... JR50 Questions

    My boys had one years back, they just aren't built to be real snappy, I hope you took the restricter plate out of the exhaust down where it goes into the head, When i bought ours it would barely pull itself along i was ready to take it back till i read the manual and found it had that restrictor in there, thats my 2 cents. good luck!
  2. Trail monkey

    why is my transmission oil solid grey?

    no adjustments yet but my sons made a few comments that make me believe the clutch will eventually be the problem, but of course when ever i ride the bike i have no problems so its hard to nail down, was most concerned with the grey oil. I'll check parts when i replace clutch......thanks alot !
  3. My sons rm85 has something going on. The oil turns a solid "battleship" grey shortly after oil change, been watching coolant and have replaced the impellar and seal and the coolant doesn't seem to be leaking into the trans. could this be the clutch? it doesn't seem to be slipping, its not a metalic grey its like solid "battleship grey"....i been changing oil after every other ride just to keep clean in it but i'm concerned as to why this color change. I've even checked the amount of oil i drain out to make sure coolants not getting in there and its right on. anyone know? Thanks
  4. what would be the cause of a piston breaking at the skirt line, piston only had one season on it, in my boys KX60 Thanks
  5. Trail monkey

    Does this add some low end or mid range?...

    I feel your pain..did the same to my 04 YZ450f this spring, no explanation, just trashed the motor completely. rod broke, went through case, cylinder, mag. shaft, real nice! I ride Yellow now and love it!
  6. Have a 02 rm85 getting coolant in trans, just put new crank kit in this and put new water pump impellar and seal at the same time, I only see 3 possibilities for this,....water pump seal, clutch cover gasket, and case gasket because of water passage at front of motor, is there anything i'm missing here???? thanks
  7. Trail monkey

    Evert Trail anyone been recently?

    Heading to evert this weekend....anyone been recently?....hows the trail?
  8. Does anyone know who makes a crank and rod assembly for a 2002 rm85 called wiseco and they don't carry one, any help would be GREATLY appreciated ! Thanks alot Kevin
  9. Trail monkey

    crank/rod asm for 2002 rm85???

    does anyone know where i can get a crank and rod assembly for my sons 2002 rm85, checked with wiseco and they don't carry one,,,anyone else know of any..Thanks alot Kevin
  10. Trail monkey

    2003 Rod broke went through case & Cyl.

    not expecting a lifetime warrenty, nor blaming the blue bike , but the last thing I thought i'd be doing is scapping my bike because the "Rod" broke for no apparent reason. I wouldn't be supprised if the same rod in my yamaha is the same rod in any other 450, what would you do? i'm thinking its time to try something new.
  11. Trail monkey

    2003 Rod broke went through case & Cyl.

    I bought it new in 2003, i'm 38, belong to a club and we ride at least once a week....not race, ride. we ride hard yes but this was a fluke in my opinion, i was just powering up under load for the jump and she blew. always took good care of her, very disapointed ,.....pick up new bike friday.....yeeha, and its not BLUE!
  12. First post, got a 2003 yz450f new, ride hard but never "Raced", we ride at a local track in michigan 7 months outa the year.....well my rod broke last week for no apparent reason, piston not siezed nor is crank, always kept oil clean and well maintained, was not over reved...i was powering up for a jump and it blew taking out the cylinder and the lower case $$$$$ anyone have problem like this or know of a contact at yamaha that might stand behind this motor? Thanks
  13. Trail monkey

    Battle Creek Motocross ! ! !

    Hey Albatross, I took my kids over this weekend for the race in Battle creek………Very impressed with mini track, Completely redone since we'd been there. Whoops, sand section, doubles, table tops, the works. Kids thought it was great. That’s what they all need….something like the big boys but scaled to be safe yet challenging for the kids. To say the least the mini track looked sweet….we'll be back in June, It's a longer drive for us but well worth the trip. Congrats to all at the Battle Creek Club Out.