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  1. gaudette

    Riding / hiking trip suggestions?

    Crab Flats and Holcomb Valley, both near Big Bear Lake.
  2. gaudette

    05 450X Which mods would you suggest

    I agree with JD kit, and airbox mods. If you have an AZ bike than you shouldn't have to remove the smog gear. But do not forget about protection. People will debate whether flatland or unibikers make the best rad guards, and whether works connection or flatland has the best skid plate, either way you need to replace the stock protection. A friend of mine simlply bolted a stock skid plate from a XR650R on top of the stock 450X and it works great. It is much quieter than the aluminum plates not to mention cheaper. I wish I had thought of that before I shelled out $75 for my skid plate.
  3. gaudette

    CRF450X or XR650R???

    I rode an XR650R for years and switched to a CRF last year, and would not go back. The reasons expressed earlier sum it up perfectly. I miss XR on open stretches of desert, but I hope the 49 in the rear will fix that. THanks for the tip.
  4. gaudette

    I want a CA plate: what shop will do it?

    Lee at californiadualsport.com did mine. You'll have to fork up some cash, but he has some options, and he will definitely get you a plate, quick. I put my own kit, and struggled with the dmv, and he meets me at the dmv and gets a plate in under 30 minutes. No hassles.
  5. gaudette

    arizona 450x green sticker issues in cal?

    If the ranger is a AH he might hassle you. But legally he has no right. The Constitution requires states to honor the laws of other states. Therefore, he cannot do shite.
  6. gaudette

    New 450x HELP!

    I have no idea why, but in stock form, the air from the crankcase is routed the air box. THe applied kit just pugs the airbox and sends the air down and out. It seems to help eliminate decelleration popping.
  7. gaudette

    450X valves..ridiculous

    I love my CRF450X, but I have to agree, on wide open desert my XR would have blown it away. When I first rode the X, I kept looking more 6th gear. While on the XR, the bike would just keep pulling.
  8. gaudette

    New 450x HELP!

    That's a great deal, what dealer? I bought an 05 for $6400 otd, but I had to install a bajadesigns kit and get it plated myself.
  9. gaudette

    New 450x HELP!

    You can leave the stock exhaust. Follow the instructions from crfsonly doug listed above...Install the JD kit with 165 main fuel screw 1 1/4 out, open the airbox, and purchase an applied racing smog off and crank case breather kit. Once you get it all back together, you will have a different bike. If you are running a lot of street miles, you will definitely want to use a full quart in the transmission. Did you buy it new "with" the plate?