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  1. motox100

    Check your Countershaft Sprocket

    I had done that. Doesn't stop it from wearing. Probably why they changed the design for 13'
  2. motox100

    Check your Countershaft Sprocket

    Just a heads up. I own a 2012 RMZ 450 and ended up having an issue mainly due to my negligence. By trying to squeeze out more time then I should have out of a set of chain/sprockets and not inspecting them I ended up creating more problems for myself. In a nutshell, the countershaft sprocket became very loose on the splines of the countershaft. This was after roughly 40hrs on my sprocket/circlip (glad they changed that for 13). The end result was a couple broken teeth off of third gear and having to replace first and forth as well as they were damaged also. I also replaced the countershaft as well since the splines were slightly worn and allowed a new sprocket to move too much. FWIW this bike has been incredible. This happened at hour 95. I usually replace the chain/sprockets about every 25 hr or so but got lazy this time. While I had it apart I replaced top end, cam chain etc. Valves were in spec. I'm still even running the stock clutch (will be replacing soon). Anyway, just a heads up. I bought a few new circlips for the tool box. I replace them as well every time the sprocket comes off.
  3. Tell you what. PM your address and I'll send it to you...no charge.
  4. I have one. Where you located?
  5. motox100

    Dunlop mx31 front tire

    Had the same problem. The knobs started to shear off on the sides. Motocross only...run @14psi
  6. motox100

    -11 YZ450F...4th gear pops out !

    I have an 11' 450 and am having a similar problem. What happens on mine is it pops down to the lower gear, like 4th to 3rd. It only does it when you are accelerating hard. Luckily it doesn't go into neutral but it can be spooky if it does off a jump face (it did with me). I've had the bike now for about 60hrs and it's always done it since new. Since it doesn't happen very often I originally thought it might of been me just making a bad shift...but I've had it long enough now to know it's a problem. My buddy who has the same bike has had his in twice to the dealer to fix it...both times they said they didn't see anything wrong but replaced the parts that "would" cause this. Last time I talked to him he said he hasn't had the problem anymore.
  7. motox100

    2010 Linkage Pull Rods

    suspension direct.
  8. motox100

    2009 kx450f advice

    I have an 09 KX450, but recently replaced it with a new 11. The 09 was/is a great bike for me. I ride a lot and put quite a lot of hours on mine. The main thing is to keep up on the standard maintenance (air filter, oil changes, check bolts). I went thru a couple clutches and put in one top end and cam chain. Valves were/are in spec the whole time. The KX does eat through chain guides and will need to be replaced, the stocker doesn't last too long. I'm on my second TM Design. Mainly keep up on the standard maintenance and enjoy.
  9. motox100

    08 yz 450 using coolant

    I had a problem with the cometic gasket kit that came with my Moose Racing piston kit. Same deal, using coolant and could smell it as well. Pulled the head/cylinder off and could see where it was pulling in/burning coolant. Re-Assembled with a OEM gasket and no more problem.
  10. motox100

    09 KX450 fuel question?

    Straight pump gas in mine. A whole lot of hours without an issue.
  11. motox100

    do you guys find weight to be a problem!!?

    I wouldn't say they feel heavier, but they do feel "bigger". At least to me, if I get on one of my friends CRF's or the new YZ they feel tiny compared to my KX.
  12. motox100

    Can you make a 08 yz run like a 08 kx?

    The bike has some balls with this combo. IMO...the Yamaha has plenty of power with just an aftermarket exhaust... more then most people can use on a track. With the stock silencer no doubt it's a dog. It makes different power than the KX (which feels more like a tractor)...the YZ motor is much smoother. I have rode a 09 YZ450 with an exhaust, some very mild head work and a HP CP piston. It motored.
  13. motox100

    Can you make a 08 yz run like a 08 kx?

    I had an 07 and 08 YZ450...and the last couple years 09,10 I've rode the KX. An 08 YZ vs an 08 KX stock to stock was no contest...that muffler they had on the 08 YZ killed it. Once I put an aftermarket exhaust (Dubach) on the YZ it made a night and day difference. If it still is not enough for you some light head work, a little higher compression piston with the exhaust will really produce some gains.
  14. motox100

    kawi 450 using lots of coolant

    it will also burn coolant in combustion. I recently did the top end on my 09...had the same problem. Replaced with an OEM headgasket fixed it.
  15. Well, considering that you had a Kawi and now have the Yamaha...sounds like you'll be forming up a lot better opinion than mine. Comparing the two: the biggest difference to me is how they feel. The Kawis have always felt big to me. It's not something I dislike but they do feel like a big bike. After I ride mine a short time I don't even notice until I ride another bike. This new Yamaha feels really small and nimble. That's one of the biggest differences to me. Kawasaki has a big motor...the Yamaha makes good power although I wished it rev'd longer. The Kawi has a bigger motor though.