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  1. cheapXR

    Running Cold?

    Outside temps today between ranged from 40s this morning to upper 50's/low 60's while i was out today. The Sensor is spliced into the lower rad house a bit before the 90 bend into the thermostat housing.
  2. cheapXR

    Running Cold?

    '03 S model Anyone have issues with the coolant temp sensor for the Vapor dash being flakey or is my thermostat stuck open? I have not seen temps above 120 and if I am actually riding it slowly goes back down to not registering...
  3. cheapXR

    Thinking DRZ400sm...

    The SM's are selling like crazy here apparently...OTD on a 07 is close to 7k Not sure if this is "THE BIKE" yet so I plan on trying to work the price a bit, its too close to the end of the season to be in a hurry and settle on a overpriced bike...dunno just weighing my options. -EDIT- To answer the question, that is before tax tags and title...
  4. cheapXR

    Thinking DRZ400sm...

    Hi I recently sold my street bike (04 katana) and have found a dealer with a leftover 05 DRZ400sm with 0 miles, asking price is is $5200 (little high but the bike is still brand new...). I am seriously considering this as my next bike, only concerns are the lack of power and 2-up riding. I can live with the lack of power (I rode a katana...haha) and would definatley look at some basic power mods but how is the bike at 2-up? My GF is only about 115lbs maybe 5'6" and the rides rarley extend for more then 1-2 hours (just sunday mornings usually). Just looking for some insight into the 2-up capabilities and comfort. Thanks