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  1. If you had to go to a 160 main you got a problem I am at 5000 feet and am running a 165 main a 45 pilot and clip in 2nd from bottom. with that 280 kit it should use alot more fuel also if your valve clearences are off you no they can be very tempermental
  2. so today I put my stock cam back in and it made more power through out the whole rpm range then my stage II hotcam did I then went out and rode on a track and it feels way better then the numbers say i would still like to do a 14:1 piston and a webcam any inputs on this
  3. I have seen this guy make power on alot of machines but my bike is the only one he hasn't been able to make over all hp in at least an hour i really think somthing is wrong
  4. I have jetting set right where it should be any bigger or smaller I am losing power
  5. so today I was running my bike again and we noticed that at around 9000 to 11500 the fuel curve gets way richer it drops down to about an 11.2 afr just out of curiosity another guy told me to unwrap my head pipe and it got about .5 afr leaner throught the whole curve any ideas why it is gouing so rich at 9000
  6. I guess I should add that I have not seen any 250f on this dyno I was running a dirt tire and also tried pump gas and vp 110 and I did jet for each and seen the best from sunoco 110 I did see a stock yamaha 450 run 42 on the same dyno I have been thinking of going to a 14 or 14.5 hc piston and a web cam any input
  7. so I just got done dyno testing my 06 250 with very mild porting and a stage 2 hotcam and a stock piston and kibblewhite valves and springs running sunoco 110 we got 26 dynojet hp at 5000 feet what is wrong shouldn't it be more than that or is it just me?
  8. I am currently running a hot rods heavy duty crank and was pretty impressed with it although not much run time due to misplaced transmisson shim which resulted in splitting cases again
  9. I put ss valves and ti springs and keepers in my bike and love it I thought it changed how the bike reved alot in a good way it just seemed snappier
  10. no you won't have to run race fuel although it you will see an increase in hp you can still run 93 and be fine
  11. I nvr took any clips off the trans although i took the rest of the gears off and I used a s/m to put it all back together as well as the clutch
  12. I have a set of stock silencers for an 06 250 if you are interested but i would maybe part with the whole system if you are in desperate need pm me for more info
  13. so today I got by bike back together it is an 06 crf 250 r i put a hot rods heavy duty crank 13.5:1 piston stage 2 hotcam port and polish and I went out for my first ride rode about an hour and all of a sudden i lost 4th and fifth gear it just slips out any reasons or ideas would be much appreciated thanks
  14. ok i did a full engine rebuild top and bottom the washer is as big on the inside as my thumb and is silver with wear marks on it a little discolored but not to bad
  15. oh sorry guys it is an 06 crf 250 the washed fits on my thumb snog is about 6 mm wide and has a couple of wear marks on itnothing to noticable though