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    Carolina Riders Connection

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    Carolina Riders Connection

    stick, thermos mike, ANYONE --- Enoree Sunday 1/4/09. A smallish contingent of the Asheville Team Orange will be rolling in hopefully by 11am...love to hook up w/any of you guys & maybe tow you around! Last weekend for most of the USFS stuff, and the wife likes Enoree best, so here we go! Hopper, I lost yer cell digits, so ring me up & I'll save them this time HAPPY NEW YEAR, Y'ALL!!
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    Enoree, with a belly full of Turkey

    That certainly is a sobering scenario. I can't imagine that man's pain. Sad.
  4. kartstar

    Enoree, with a belly full of Turkey

    I was just there this weekend, but Friday sounds real good - maybe I can get the beautiful wife to drop a few things & ride, too. Yes, yes, yes - giving thanks, indeed!
  5. kartstar

    Carolina Riders Connection

    Derek (stickboy) and Hopper - Me and a few members of the Asheville Team Orange crew are heading down to Enoree tomorrow, if y'all don't have anything better going on. We're leaving town around 8:30, puts us in the lot around 10:15 - call it 10:30. If you're around, look for a Black Excursion diesel, a couple 3-hunnys, a 450, and a beat-ass old KX250 - that'll be us! Fred Schuldt -the cold tire dude from last weekend-