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  1. dlewis

    Oil cooler, carb info.

    Thanks for the Info.
  2. dlewis

    Oil cooler, carb info.

    I have a Evo YX 150 Motor that I bought off of Ebay from Pirhana, Whole Sale Cycles. Does an oil cooler add that much in performance to this motor? Also...Any suggestions on Carburator size and brand for this motor
  3. dlewis

    SDG parts needed...

    I know you can order that part new at SDGparts@chaparralmotorsports.com or call direct 800-841-2960. SDG went out of buisness and sold all inventory and replacement parts to Chaparral. Hope this helps.
  4. I was wondering if their is a up grade carburator(other than the stalk Mikuni 26mm) for a Lifan 125 motor? If so what jetting combo is recomended with the brand.
  5. dlewis

    lifan 125cc running problem

    I have the same problem with my 125. Did you ever find the answer to your original question?