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  1. i called fmf and they gave me the jetting specs with my power core 4...after that the bike came alive... i suggest you do the same.
  2. looks awesome...i need to take some pics of my new 04.
  3. i dont know about the transmission, but if you go with an 04 instead you get the upgraded forks... i love mine
  4. ok, but next time if i can help you ill remember to try not to. D*ck head
  5. do you have an aftermarket exhaust? if so did you change the jetting after the install? after i put a pipe on my 02 the sob would not start for the life of me... we even pulled the thing behind a car to pop start it...no luck there. after i got the jetting specs from FMF my problem went away.
  6. also try cleaning the air box real good.
  7. here is a pic of my old 02.... yours does look low, but that pipe also looks like it hangs low hmmm deceiving.
  8. damn 2004 upgraded forks
  9. THAT IS A NICE LOOKING WR!!!! did you change the tank to black, or do the graphics cover the blue?
  10. i was going to say the same thing...i dont mind the front as much, but the rear can be tossed for sure... the rest of the bike looks great, the numbers look clean as well.
  11. from what i hear, the forks suck in the KTM...however they do have more horsepower...but more horderpower does not make a better bike. i also dont care for the rear swing arm design w/ no linkage a few of my friends have ktm's and they all have tire marks on the underside of the rear fender from bottoming. i like the yamaha better of the 2, but out of all that are avail i like the kawasaki. like others said, the yamaha seems to be the most bullet proof.
  12. i had it on my 02 with a power core 4....that thing sounded awesome, and it pulled real hard. i reccomend getting a cover for the powerbomb though cause it melted my boot.
  13. i just bought one myself, i've only ridden it up and down the street, but the thing is a sinch to start and it looks perty... i hear that the honda's have piston problems. but iunno i've never had one
  14. i just sold my 02, i loved that bike and the only problem i had with it was it was a pain to start every once in a while. my motor was stock and i didnt ride it too hard...in my opinion when you buy a bike that has had motor work...ie new top or bottom end, it's usually because they rode the crap out of it or they blew it up once already. mine was stock and the oil was changed everyother ride. it was still in good shape when it left my house.
  15. cool, i picked it up today, and oh boy i can get used to how easy it is to start.