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  1. I have a xr650r dual sported. I am confused why my rear tire, especially when it wears down, has a flat spot on one side (maybe 30 degrees of the 360) and everywhere else has tread left. My rim is runnung true, no wobble and my allignment marks are spot on. Also no locking of the rear wheel (at least on pavement). every tire does this on this bike. Could the weight of the rim lock be adding centrifugal force as i go fast on pavement causing wear where it it located? I took the tire off and didn't look where it was. but I just thought about it recently and wondered if anyone else had the same thing? Thanks
  2. Hey there, My XR650R runs as strong as ever, but I did a few changes this past winter. I opened up the side airbox cover. I also have a uni filter/W/no backfire screen, All uncorking upgrades with the honda racing baffle too. Im running 68s pilot, screw 3.25 turns out, b3 needle, 3rd notch (runs better than 4th notch), and 182mj. 0-1000" elevation. Just a bit lean on the bottom, hanging idle, popping on decel (more than before I made more air available) Long story yes, but you guys may have other suggestions before replacing the pilot (prob not though) Anyone have the part number for a 70s pilot jet? I know 3.25 is too much on the screw, and it wants more. 70s would work better yes? Thanks a bunch for any honest input.
  3. Yeah, the carb may be dirty. Worth a shot. I have dissasembeled several different carbs in the past with engines that lacked power (some worse than others) and have found little pieces of dirt lodged in the main jet. However, the power loss was significant. yours sounds less severe as far as power loss in concernd. but may still be an issue. process of elimination.
  4. BCBrouwer

    Drilling number plate...necessary?

    http://www.4strokes.com/tech/honda/airbox/ some pics of the mod.
  5. BCBrouwer

    Drilling number plate...necessary?

    I put 2 large holes in it like team honda, but find it has a momentary bog now, unlike before. this is with jetting as well (185mj, sea level) I cover it over a bit with duct tape and it hesitates less and has more pull. go figure, maybe I need a 190! I also run a uni filter w no backfire screen.
  6. BCBrouwer

    Handlebar adaptors?

    Hey, thank you guys for taking the time to help me out, much appricated!
  7. BCBrouwer

    Handlebar adaptors?

    Also very nice setup! I've got some thinking to do now
  8. BCBrouwer

    Handlebar adaptors?

    Sweet! Exactly what I wanted to see. However, big money! still cheaper than new tripple clamp. I'm also 6'4", so this should be a nice difference. Thanks Brian B
  9. BCBrouwer

    Handlebar adaptors?

    I know there is such a thing for sleds. Can you get them for Bikes to go up and forward? I have the CR hi-bend pro tapers, but would like a bit more room without going with a different tripple clamp. Thanks
  10. BCBrouwer

    Mild to wild - uncorked XR650R

    The stock backfire screen comes out when installing the uni filter, it has a plastic cage built in to hold it in place. plus, this aids in more airflow. I find with the spark arrestor, the bike is like a monsterous powerfull animal that has to breath out of a straw (stock arrestor) and roars to life when it can breath out unrestricted. on mine with similar mods, the stock baffel makes the power much more mellow both in power and sound. it also messes with the jetting, you can put the stock one in, but may have to lean out the jetting a little. try and see, one step at a time. I know there are aftermarket baffels that are quieter than the stock honda racing one and still have no comprimise on power. maybe others can help you out which ones to look out for
  11. BCBrouwer

    Hydraulic brake switch failure. solution??

    Thanks guys. are there any that honda, yamaha, kawi, suz etc use? no gas gas dealers around here. I could order from BD I suppose too.
  12. I have a 650r with a dakar d/s kit on it and has 2 hydraulic brake light switches. They really seem unreliable to me. the rear one leaks by the wires coming out. neither one works. power is getting to them, just not threw them. both brakes are bled. no continuity passing threw on the ohmeter when I put more than sufficent pressure on the pedal/lever to lock em up. I have read the hydraulic switches can cause some issues like this, so Im wondering if there is a good fix, or to just switch to mechanical switches. If so, how can I do this to my xr650r? Thanks
  13. BCBrouwer

    removing choke plate affecting jetting??

    Ok, thanks guys!
  14. BCBrouwer

    removing choke plate affecting jetting??

    I suppose I could remove the flap and spring and keep the stock plate in there correct? Been too long since I've had the carb apart i can't remember, but want to make sure i know what in doing when it I take it off.
  15. Bike is a xr650r. Before I rip the carb off, just wondering if I remove the choke plate if I can still use the same jetting. Also can I still get by with the plate without the spring? Seems like there are varried opinions, and I don't want to risk sucking a piece into the motor. After looking at the aftermarket choke plates it seems like the stock one would work without the spring since the aftermarket ones have no spring. Am I missing something maybe? I know its more than one question, but would greatly appricate it. this is a cool site with lots of info, but I couldn't search for my questions specifically. Thanks.