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  1. Go go: http://www.rollonthrottle.com/2strokelightning.html This was the only one I could find using the stock housing. Definitely helps!
  2. Go to rollonthrottle.com. Although they don't show it they have a quicker turning throttle for 2 strokes that consists of a new pulley and sleeve. Steve Lewis is the guy you want to contact.
  3. Can you push the shifter down to give you a little more room? That and small visegrips might do it.
  4. Based on the second pic of where the bolt broke, I would use pliers to grab the exposed part of the bolt in the shifter and turn it as if you were tightening it (righty tighty). It should turn right out.
  5. Just wanted to let you all know Dep pipes is currently running a 30% off sale on all their pipes and silencers. No I'm not affiliated with them but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night and ordered a pipe for $206.50. Sweet!
  6. Thanks for the input so far. Anyone else?
  7. I'm getting ready to make the switch from red to orange and I'll be getting a 250 SX-F. My question concerns the 2007 vs the 2008. Based on what information is out there it doesn't seem like there are many changes between the two years but wanted to find out from you guys that have ridden both. As you know this is the time of the year to get a left over 2007 at a pretty good price so that is why I'm asking. So is the 2008 that much better than the 2007 to spend the extra cash? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  8. Yep it should be 36 in lbs. My bad...
  9. Whiskey, I feel your pain. I also had this problem and took the advice from others on this forum to do the following. Loosen all of them spokes up. Then one at a time take the nipple off, clean it and the spoke threads, apply some good waterproof grease and then screw back on. Then go around the wheel and tighten them all up. It really helps to have a spoke torque wrench here. I tightened mine to 36 ft lbs and they haven't moved since. As with building bicycle wheels it's not the wheel prep or what ever you put on the spokes that keeps them from loosening. It's the proper even torque all the way around that keeps that wheel nice and tight. The grease helps with proper torque and also keeps them from freezing up. Good luck.
  10. That would be great. Even though we are on opposite sides still a lot cheaper than buying new. Hope the bike trade works for you. Let me know.
  11. Yep for sure timing is everything!
  12. I have an 05 crf450r and I would like to swap fork and shock springs with someone that has a crf250r since they would work perfect for me. Anyone out there needing stiffer springs for their 250? Stock on the 450 are .47 for the forks and 5.5 for the shock. Or if someone has a stock 250 shock spring they would like to sell or trade that would work also. Thanks.
  13. Good point on the hubs. I'll do some more checking to verify for sure .
  14. Okay, thanks. Getting ready to lace a spare rear (excel rim/stock hub) and noticed the same thing you did with spoke length. What is confusing is others have said long inner and shorts outer:excuseme: . Thanks for clearing that up.
  15. Hey Dogger, nice setup. Quick question concerning the rear spokes. You mentioned all the shorter spokes go on the disk side of the hub, correct? And the spoke set you ordered was standard Buchanan spokes for the 450 rear? Thanks.