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  1. You are a good rider! You go a lot faster than I would ever (I'm 72) and on a DRZ! Can I please pass on some fatherly advise, "Don't ride alone," Keep the vids coming.
  2. Wow! That was bust ass!
  3. Crazy beautiful trail.
  4. Are you using A Rekluse Clutch? If so which issue and how long have you been using it? It seems to work for you.
  5. Nice Trails, looks alot like the Big Island.
  6. Welcome back Sunday Rides and welcome to the Orange Team, different Yeah?
  7. I have over 170 hr. on my '07 KTM xcf-w 250 w/ a Rekluse clutch and it is just as good as it was when I bought it. I baby it. I also have a Yamaha 250 wr '03 w/a Rekluse and after switching to the DP clutch, I seem to have nothing but adjustment issues that I never seemed to have with the stock clutch. I also baby it. It seems that the stock clutches stay in adjustment longer and they are easier to install.
  8. Great vid! The action made me wish it was the weekend already.
  9. I thought our trails were "technical" until I saw that.
  10. Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing.
  11. You have everything you need on that bike, I have the same set up on an '07 model and it rips. I ride a lot of tight trails and all you need to do is go out and enjoy it! I've gotten back into riding after a 30 year lay off to raise a family and now I ride every weekend, not as fast as I used to but somebody said "It's the most fun you can have with your clothes on" and I could not agree more.
  12. Great videos! Love the mussic. Australians know how to have fun!
  13. Good job! Very well done!
  14. NICE VIDEO! You're on an awesome bike, try to stay on the pegs a little more. You're looking good.
  15. I have the same bike and my experience with it has been just the opposite. My previous bike was a '03 Yamaha WR 250, a great bike but it does not have the pop off the bottom end that the KTM has, I look for those little take off points in the trail where you can get some air. That was something that you had to really plan in advance with the WR, but not the KTM. I am the second owner and I think the previous owner had the bike rejetted since it was heating up on the trail. It now runs rich, but the power is just a twist of the right hand. I hope your experience with this bike is as positive as mine. Best Regards!