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  1. a little from column a and a little from column b a dirt-ied up DR, and I can run w seasoned guys on 400's, no issues. Tires (606's), lower gearing, bar risers and springs (depending on your weight) are key. Also sounds like you havent got a lot of off road time in, so ride w a buddy for critique. THe one riding tip i always give is keep your feet on the pegs!!! Having your butt on the seat and pontooning actually raises your ctr of gravity, and puts the bike in control of YOUR weight (bouncing you around) instead of you controlling it.
  2. Murman NT

    Turn signal confusion

    So my left side rear blinker won't blink, front left blinks fast, the bulb works (tested on the other side), and my test light blinks as fast as the front side when I check the the rear socket with it. Thoughts?
  3. Murman NT

    Electrical Ghosts - Need coaching

    So, I still have no spark. I have run my buddy's DR with both my coil and CDI in it. Fired right up. I have continuity in the stator wires all 3 ways. I don't want to swap over the regulator to my buddy's bike, assuming that if it may be gone it'll cook something. Is that crazy?
  4. Murman NT

    DR650 No Spark

    Found my multi meter. So on the pickup coil test in the manual, power source coil side (B-W) i get 54.9 on my ohm meter when the manual says I should expect 0.1 - 0.2. On the pickup coil side (Bl - G), I get 10.01, and the manual says 170 - 256 Clearly I need help, or for someone to relieve me of my multi meter before I hurt somebody.
  5. Murman NT

    DR650 No Spark

    Yes the key switch. Based on mx_rob's comment, it seems the smarter thing to check. Especially since I've lost my multi-meter.
  6. Murman NT

    DR650 No Spark

    No sorry, the ignition itself.
  7. Murman NT

    DR650 No Spark

    and I haven't done an ignition since my CT 70 in 1982. I've just gone out to have a look, took the light shroud off, and how in the hell do you get that off?
  8. Murman NT

    DR650 No Spark

    I have this same issue. Clearly I'll check the key first. Meanwhile, electrical is not my strong suit. As I go to regulator rectifier, is this what I need? Suzuki DR650 Stator Pickup Pulser Coil
  9. Murman NT

    DR650 Bar Risers?

    I've got Keintech's, and 3 other guys with DR's who've sat on mine are now ordering them.
  10. Murman NT

    Max Weight

    So I'm taking off for my first weekender with the DR. Doing the CANOL Road with 3 other DR's, an XR400, and KLR (one of the good older models) Anyway, I've got about 80-90 lbs, plus my 220. I'll put the sleeping bag and thermarest on the fender, no need for a headlight, its all mining roads and off road. IMS tank, eibach springs, new 606's. How much weight is too much?
  11. Murman NT

    @#%$*% fork seal leaking

    Drained to 6.5. Going on long off road / mining road trek today, didn't want to screw around with oil levels, as one of the seals had been leaking. It appears to be fine after the 35mm film trick. Switched to synthetic oil as well. I'm impressed by the difference, which I wouldn't have believed.
  12. Murman NT

    @#%$*% fork seal leaking

    so i'm re-filling mine, filled with 550mls of oil, and its 5 3/4 from the top. What do I do? Drain or run with it?
  13. Murman NT

    New DR650 owner

    I solved that through gearing down. Stock is way to high, (no one buys this bike for top end speed), and it idles at nearly 20 km/h which is too fast for tight technical single track (course, no one buys this bike for tight technical single track either). Call Keintech.
  14. Murman NT

    towing small load with dr650

    what about the "trail tail"
  15. Murman NT

    Tail/Brake light and horn die together??

    A new bulb fixed the light, but the horn is still out. I'll clean that ground and report back. Thanks mx-rob. I noticed after that it was a shared ground. Small WIRING DIAGRAM AND 40 YEAR OLD EYES!!