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  1. ken02650L

    650L sproket/tire question

    thanks , Ill have to pick up a 14T.
  2. ken02650L

    650L sproket/tire question

    I have an '02 650L with all the common bolt on mods . I recently put on a Dunlop D606 120/90-18 tire , sprokets are stock 15/45 . With the old wore out Cheng shin 4.60-18 (shorter tire ) it was great all around , road and trail . Now it revs quicker , and the 2nd gear wheelie is gone , I weigh 170lbs so I rely on the throttle to keep the front end light when needed. Which sproket do i need to change to regain the low end power , and which way do i go up/down ? Top speed is not importain . Thanks guys .