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  1. Michigan

    We're still able to ride up here... 3-4 inches of snow... and warmer weather...
  2. Michigan

    Was kind of short notice for sure... Took my GPS and a helmet cam and rode for a couple hours... I put some on Youtube... link... http://www.youtube.com/user/89TRX350RX?feature=mhee
  3. Call 705-two, five, seven-1690 if you want to meet me there... around 9AM...
  4. Michigan

    Sorry Yz... something came up and I couldn't get to a computer for the last couple of days:bonk:... I still want to get down there for a ride before the snow flies... Keep me in mind if you are rising... Jamie
  5. Wisconsin

    Never done it myself, but I've heard you can do a series of freezing and thawing to get smaller dents out... I think you put a larger amount of water in it and let the expansion of the water as it turns to ice push the dents out.... let it melt and do it again until you get it to where you want it... maybe search it in a tech section...
  6. Michigan

    So I am stupid.... Did not realize it was Here.... Lansing Motorcycle Club, East Johnson Road, near Lake City, MI 49651, USA
  7. Michigan

    Don... I would love to have fun with you guys again... I just don't know if the trip to Lansing is in the cards for us...
  8. Michigan

    Will let you know after I talk to the guys at work... But sounds like a deal from my end...
  9. Michigan

    I've got a couple of friends that are looking to run Tomahawk B again... It will have to be on the Saturday, October 15... We all work shift work and it is the only weekend we are all off together... Anybody want to ride with some Canucks????
  10. Michigan

    Let me know when you are going to hit Kinross, if you are looking for someone to ride with... A couple of us Canadians like to shoot over there for some after work ridin...
  11. Hey Teigan... I was in contact with the manager of Searchmont Ski hill to see if we could get a Sanctioned Enduro held there... The idea was to have the D-14 (Michigan) group come up and build a track/trail for use during the Enduro, then have Searchmont maintain and offer use of it to people for a small fee... There are no good trails for riding single track in the imediate area, so it was a win for us... He was in favour of it, but needed to talk to some more people that would need to get involved... My computer crashed, and I lost his contact... Jamie
  12. Hey Bud... There are a few of us "Older" :cripple:type guys that like to get out and ride in Michigan... of course it'll be spring before we get back, but keep in touch and maybe we can get you out with us...
  13. also known as BigBird on 4x4 sites Universityofjeep.ca michiganwheelers.com jeepkings.com pirate4x4.com jeepforum.com greatlakes4x4.com etc... Your on MW aren't you??? Jamie
  14. Sault Ste. Marie... I ride mostly in Michigan on their Off-Road-Vehicle trails... Tight single track trails... Awesome riding... J
  15. 02 WR426F street-legal... M2 no drivers course, through Assurenet (Kingsway is the carrier I believe) around $700 basic coverage... Jamie