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  1. snuffy

    What Oil Do You Guys Use?

    Maxima Ultra 5w-50
  2. snuffy

    250F plastic?

    Hi i haven't tried the side panels or radiator shrouds but i know the rear fender, no. plate and front gaurd are the same
  3. snuffy

    o ring chain?

    G'day i ran a izumi 520sdc o'ring chain and i don't have any issues i think the guy is full of it.
  4. snuffy

    i think im changing colors

    G'day i use one in the bush i find it absolutely awesome all i've added from factory is a set of bush bars it's got enough power to get up any hill so far i've had in dry, sandy and very muddy conditions and it took it all with ease.
  5. snuffy

    type of fuel used in New Zealand

    Gday Dude I Always Run 50/50 Mix Of Avgas And Synergy 8000 From Mobil Or Bp 98 But Always Mixed
  6. snuffy

    Green Or Black Rims?

    i think the green rims would look crap you should get black rims, black hubs and gold spokes
  7. snuffy

    Broken piston wrist pin

    how many hours have you done before it broke
  8. snuffy

    holding up?

    i got mine end of november 05 only done about 28 hours, so far i've adjusted the valves once and i put fresh oil and filter in every third ride and it runs like an absolute dream no issues what so ever