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  1. Doc.Z

    Wanker February Durhamtown Trip

    I dunno, the trip may have been a waste... who was supposed to bring the fookin mustard?
  2. Doc.Z

    Wanker February Durhamtown Trip

    D-town virgin here too. Don't worry, if I find a condom hanging out of my arse, I won't say anything! JA, can I use your Obamafone to recharge my EBT card? Anyone bringing a blow up doll and lube?
  3. Doc.Z

    Good low cost Hand/wind guards? Bark Busters?

    Yep, but they're cheaper here... http://www.rockymountainatv.com/productDetail.do?navType=type&webTypeId=191&navTitle=Handlebars-Control&webCatId=12&prodFamilyId=9546
  4. Doc.Z

    Good low cost Hand/wind guards? Bark Busters?

    Yep! You need to purchase the adapter for the fat bars though.
  5. Doc.Z

    Good low cost Hand/wind guards? Bark Busters?

    You can get some of these... http://www.rockymountainatv.com/productDetail.do?navType=type&webTypeId=69&navTitle=Handlebars-Control&webCatId=12&prodFamilyId=9533 along with some of these... http://www.rockymountainatv.com/productDetail.do?navType=type&webTypeId=191&navTitle=Handlebars-Control&webCatId=12&prodFamilyId=9599. For $39.98, you can't get a cheaper handguard that is actually as good as if not better than some of the more expensive models.
  6. Doc.Z

    new wiseco piston and rings

    Seems to work pretty good! http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm
  7. Doc.Z

    Good Site for KDX parts

    This is where I've been ordering my parts for the last 5+ years. They even beat the online price if you place your order over the phone!
  8. Doc.Z

    Good Site for KDX parts

    www.waynesvillecycle.com Best prices on the net IMO. Shipping isn't too bad either.
  9. Doc.Z

    Need a better front tire (soft terrain)

    Scorpion Pro or MT44 front works for me on the front. On the back, I use a Kenda TM II 120/80-18.
  10. Doc.Z

    save $200 on your next windscreen

    You can go that route or get a faceshield for about $5 and cut it to fit. It works for me and keeps the wind over your shoulders on the pavement rides.
  11. Doc.Z

    About "breaking" the bead on an SM tire.

    The last time I changed the tires on my DRZe, I used gas (yes, gasoline) to break the bead loose. Pour a little gas between the bead and the edge of the rim and it works. Easiest bead breaker I have used to date.
  12. Doc.Z

    Saturday at Croom

    As of 10-1-07, it's $45. I think it goes down another $5 in January.
  13. Doc.Z

    Trials Tires - What do you guys recommend?

    Cheapest ones I've found to date are the Dunlop's from Rocky Mountain ATV. $50 front & about $73 rear & free shipping. Chaparral also has similar prices but they charge you an extra $10 per tire for shipping. Michelin's are supposedly the best (stickiest compound) but I don't think the extra $ that you pay for it matters unless you are an expert or champ rider.
  14. Doc.Z

    Dependable trials bike? Any such animal?

    Sounds like the "expert" rider beat the piss out of this bike! In my experience, "expert" riders usually use the bike up thoroughly in a season, get rid of them, and get a new bike because they don't want to go through what it looks like you're going through. Sorry about your bad experience. I've gone through some of what you are going through (worn linkage, etc) but not the engine troubles. My current bike ('99 Beta 250) was ridden by an expert rider and I had to throw some money at the bike to cure some problems but it has been mostly wear/tear type stuff (levers, rear shock, fork spring, chain, sprockets, etc). The engine has been bulletproof so far (knock on wood).