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    I like almost all outdoor sports, agility with my dogs, camping, hiking, ect
  1. doublel

    TTR 125 Very Hard to Start Cold

    I completely understand what you are going through. My bike hates the cold and it makes me
  2. doublel

    TFCC tear

    That is good to know. I have a brace on now. Can I ride with it?
  3. doublel

    Modified TTR Pictures

    That bike is HOTTTTT!!!!
  4. doublel

    TFCC tear

    So I hurt my wrist about a month and a half ago, jumping with crappy suspension, and I got the xrays and there is no break...but the orthopedic doctor thinks I tore my TFCC, right now I am resting it...but it doesn't seem to be getting better...I was wondering what is involved in surgery to repair it and how long I am going to be out of commission. Thanks!
  5. doublel

    Barbies on Dirtbikes????

    I sooo will be watching!
  6. doublel

    SWEET rainy day project...

    Wow that really is cool...but i could never do it...I would get it half done and add it to my collection of failed attempts at model cars
  7. doublel

    college $$

    Ohh I HATE buying text books. The ONLY way to go is half.com and when you have them bought you can sell them back on there for almost the same price you paid for them, less commission.
  8. doublel

    Future Wyotech Student

    Steamboat is a little over 2 hours. You use highway 230 through the mountains.
  9. doublel

    Future Wyotech Student

    Ok first of all Laramie isn't a bad place to be. But if you want to be taken seriously don't tell people you are going to Wyo Tech, students that go there are exactly known as the most law abiding citizens and most people are not overly thrilled to help them out. Now that said there is an MX track just outside of Laramie, it isn't big and it gets boring but there is one. There is alot of riding in the mountains. As for slopes Snowy Range Ski Area is about an hour away, but again it isn't huge. However, if you have the money Steamboat, Vail and sooo many other HUGE ski resorts aren't that far away. The Snowy Range mountains have a huge opportunity for snowmobiling if you are into that. So welcome to Laramie.
  10. doublel

    Delle, Utah - Fire

    Go here it lists all the active fires: http://www.nifc.gov/fire_info/nfn.htm
  11. doublel

    wrist injury

    So I hurt my wrist. I didn't actually wreck but I started jumping and got addicted and went for three days straight. On the third day my wrist started to hurt pretty bad so I called it a day pretty early and now a week later it still hurts. I can't flex it towards my body without thinking I am gunna die. What do you think I did to it?
  12. doublel

    Fractured rib

    I know you don't want to hear it, but the best thing you can do for your rib is take it easy. They take along time to heal, but you start to gain some comfort with them. I don't know if the pain gets better or you just get used to it.
  13. doublel

    does your SO ride too?

    My boyfriend rides quads... And he isn't nearly as into it as I am. He wants to help when I tinked with the bike, but he is usually in the way.
  14. doublel

    Finally, Some Wedding Pix

    That was such a good idea...I keep threatening that if I ever find someone to marry I am going to elope, but that was truly beautiful, both doing something you love.
  15. doublel

    Update on my first ride today w/ pics

    My first ride with my new boots was disastrous. I wrecked coming down a hill and my arm swelled up to the size of my leg. I couldn't feel the back brake. It helps if you just ride a little bit and brake and then ride a little more then brake. It doesn't take long to find the back brake...just a little practice. And YAAA for another quad convert!!!