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  1. I have to agree the 270 kit,exhaust mod (mine is a yosh titanium ) and pulling the pink wire out turns the X into a different machine. I race harescambles and enduros but I found out after making mods on the bike I can hit the triples when i messing around at the local MX tracks. oh wheelies yes 1st,2nd and 3rd.
  2. mudrabbit

    worst enduro/harescramble race?

    That's easy last race at treatycity outside of Dayton oh,It had been raining for about two weeks before the race so it was 80 miles of soup.the winter before last Ohio had a bad ice storm so most of the trees had fallen down so they decided to make it alittle more challenging they didn't do much cleanup. by the 1st check I was already -40 on the scorecard drink system was dry and I had picked my crf250 up over at least 12 big fallen trees.don't know where I finished I was to tired to go to the clubhouse after the race.you know what's crazy I can't wait till the next race. mudrabbit
  3. mudrabbit

    Kouba link and front compensation?

    try shimming your handlebars up a little that will give you some more room to raise your forks. If that's not enough you will have to send you forks to be shortened
  4. mudrabbit

    Still bogage

    I put a power now plus and pulled the pink wire out ,mine hits great with no bog now.