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  1. the klx110 are good for maybe a third grader..they have almost no suspension....they are sick to trick out and give upside down shocks and big bore kits, but a stock one is like up to ur knee...a little over eggagerated
  2. chea i rid kyle hangos's kx100.modded so good..pro circuit pipe and silencer, boysen power redds, boyesen porting, rep suspensionand a shitload more
  3. with the choke on, they will idle, but when the idle drops put the choke off, ya but after that keep the rpm's up or they will drop and oit will stall and could foul a plug..just keep the rpm up and ull be fine
  4. ya that is the first thing i would do, change the plug.it seems to fix alot of problems.hah
  5. u can just pop the wheels of a kx100 onto an 85 and it will be a big wheel
  6. there is no way in hell tht u will fit on a kx250...it is way too fast....i wish they still made akx125 tho b/c the it is ahuge differnce between the kx100 and the kx250...at ur height and weight i would go with a kx100 or a 125 of another company..
  7. ya i race a kx100 and the engines are most definetly not the saem ....boviously.,..and u cant race in the 85 class, u have to race in the 105 class or the 125 class......the 105 class is usually all the 85 pro riders, and the 125 class has really fast bikes...
  8. cool thanks maybe ill look into it
  9. does anybody have a yz125 for sale in MA
  10. does naybody know if u can make a ttr125 a 6 speed?