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  1. cousins069

    Dirt Bike theft foiled!

    glad you found the bikes
  2. cousins069

    bbr packing

    hmmm, maybe this is why my exhaust is shooting out bursts of air. never thought about repacking
  3. cousins069


    2 weeks ago i ordered 'crush' from transworld motocross and chose first class mail shipping as my shipping method. today i got an email from yahoo! telling me to rate my product... but i havent even received it yet. is this email suppose to come in before my order? should i call and ask whats taking so long or am i missing something? i would think they would send an email telling me my dvd has been shipped before they send me an email to rate something i havent even got yet... anyone else experience problems like this from them?
  4. cousins069

    pipe bolts

    no, but that was over 5 months ago. i dont see how that would just now effect it
  5. cousins069

    pipe bolts

    recently my bbr exhaust had been making a weird popping sound everytime i let off the throttle and i realized it shoots out bursts off air as a slow down. i dont know if this has anything to do with it but i noticed that the bolts are missing where the pipe connects to the motor. can someone please tell me what size bolts are needed to repair this... id like to get this fixed even if this is not causing the problem, but what else could cause it to act like this?
  6. cousins069

    Kick starting and foot placement.

    i hate it when that happens!
  7. cousins069

    Hooligan Video

    tell me about it!
  8. cousins069

    I guess it isn't just quad riders...

    hahah are you kidding me. the only thing you need is a helmet, goggles, and gloves
  9. cousins069

    YZ Future Looks Good...

  10. cousins069

    top speed

    maybe the crf230 is his friends bike and wants to know the topspeed. maybe his friend wants a new bike. maybe he is getting it for his girlfriend. just answer his ****ing question. he doesnt need a reason. my crf150 goes about 50-55 mph so i figure a 230 goes about 60-65 mph. my friend has a 04 230 and its really not that much faster topspeed, just has better acceleration
  11. cousins069

    New Bike??

    if your looking for a bike with low mantainence go with a cr125. 2-stroke are good on trails and probably isnt as loud as you think.
  12. same thing happened to me but the peg went into my ankle... took me about a month to start walking again without crutches. it left an ugly scar too
  13. cousins069

    question about size of bike

    300 pounds... wow