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  1. zgzen

    Bad day of riding need help

    ya with that my only idea is weld over it and grind it down flush that is my only idea but other than that you are on your own but hey if it doesn't work you could always get a new frame.
  2. zgzen

    Bad day of riding need help

    I don't have a picture but the guy that helped me out just used the old bracket, luckily i found it and he reinforced it with a piece of steel he welded the old one on and then welded a piece of steel onto the back of the bracket. You could just grind down the leftovers from the old bracket and fabricate a new one out of steel with a good welding job u shouldn't have any problems.
  3. zgzen

    Bad day of riding need help

    yup been there but only with the muffler bracket i broke the whole muffler off it was a pretty loud ride the rest of the way . but luckily one of my neighbor i a pretty darn god welder he took the bracket, completely broken off and just welded it back on, smooth riding since so if a frame is too expensive just find someone to weld it, worked for me.
  4. zgzen

    Newbie Introduction

    Ha ha thanks guys
  5. zgzen

    Newbie Introduction

    Howdy, aspencop129's 15 year old son here! I'm gonna be spending most of my time on the KLX forum, but wanted to stick my nose in here to say "Hello" to all of my Dad's buddies! You guys are the bomb, and I hope to learn from all of you as my Dad has. Just for the record, I have met Burned, and he was not holding onto the back of a motorcycle when I met him, so I'm wondering where all of those pics are coming from Thanks, and be gentle with me, for now I'm the newbie on the block.
  6. zgzen

    Powered by BURNED!

    Oh my God! That is just too funny!
  7. zgzen

    New Guy

    Well i didn't mean steal it i could just withdraw it from the national bank of dad. And about shipping off the suspension he said, "In your dreams." We may try and pop over to Moab while you're there, but we have to look at our schedules first, we'll keep you posted. thanks
  8. zgzen

    New Guy

    Hey thanks for the advice. Ill have to steal the money from him. Oh and my dad wants me to ask u the dates that you will be in Moab?
  9. zgzen

    New Guy

    Hi i just got an account and thought i would introduce myself. My dad, aspencop129, has been around for a while. Please be patient with my newbie questions or my dad will put me in the handcuffs, again, for asking them. My dad is always finding great new things for his DRZ400 and I'm starting to get jealous.