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    My daughter, Motocross, lifted trucks, muscle cars
  1. Motoman45_00

    Best tire combo for the Virginia City GP race

    any hard terrian tire will be fine as it will probably be completely destroyed after that race, I like dunlops myself and would probably run a MX71, I once ran a trelleborg rear tire and I swear it was the best desert tire I ever ran, but hard to find and expensive!
  2. Motoman45_00

    New rider

    just rode E street today...not the track just the trails and I must say I may never return, I haven't ridden there in probably 15 years but the trash is out of control, took the wife we had fun putting around as she is a beginner rider however as we rode back to the truck we noticed like 5 or 6 trucks that showed up, these guys roll a 80's 3 wheeler out of a truck and start doing donuts/wheelies and full throttle runs up and down the road with no helmet, then 2 of his buddies unload quads and start doing the same, then another one unloads his crf 450 and then its a full blown race track up and down the street/parking lot all of which have no helmets or gear on. Then another friend shows up in a old pile of junk dart and starts doing donuts in the parking lot throwing rocks and gravel all over everyones trucks that are parked there....NICE! I guess i'll just ride the 2 tracks when they are open so I don't have to deal with the scum bags. This is why I have not ridden the yuba sutter area besides the tracks in so many years!
  3. Motoman45_00

    Motorcycle tie-down anchors

    ancra makes very good products, buy them and you wont be disapointed
  4. you can get a moto bed bar or make one yourself out of 2" angle iron...makes it nice having your wheels always straight and the have hooks for more mounting points for tie downs.
  5. Motoman45_00

    TM250, where's the K?

    I would take the TM any day. TM = Hand made italian race bike, parts are harder to get, but they do have dealers that can order parts and ship to your door.
  6. I agree on the TTR 125 comment, but strongly disagree on the buy the cheapest helmet for your wife...That is the worst piece of advice I have ever heard but I do hear it often. Your head is the most important thing on your body therefore should have a good fitting high quality new helmet to protect it (by all means I am not stating go spend $550 dollars on a new shoei or arai unless you can afford it, you can get a nice helmet from fly racing, fox, oneal, ect. that are more then affordable.) Make sure she tries several on to get the best fitting for her as everyone's head is a different shape. Boots are very important too, your ankles need all the support they can get A chest protector is another good investment as well as you have to have knee pads. Not trying to flame your post stan, just stating my opinion.
  7. Motoman45_00

    first time buyer

    Honda CRF 70
  8. Don't forget about the air filter, if it is a 4 stroke, check the valves, do a once over on all fasteners, take dog bones apart...lube bearings...same with the swingarm and steering bearings. Check the wheel bearings to make sure they are not frozen(if they are replace before you ride as a hub is expensive.) Check spokes, tire pressure, good idea to change the brake fluid, and coolant.
  9. Hey guys/gals I have somehow ended up with my parents Swivel Wheel single wheel trailer now that they have sold their RV and moved to florida they left me to sell this thing! So I know its been used 1 time and has about 500 miles on it. Now it has sat for the last 2 years in my barn. I looked them up on their web site and they seem to be $2100 + shipping. I'm asking $1100.
  10. Motoman45_00

    CRF230 vs TTR230?

    I have honestly ridden both bikes...my mother had a 04 crf 230 and a friend on mine had a 06 ttr 230, I rode them back to back, the crf had alittle more power, felt better, turned better and had better brakes. The ttr by all means is not a bad bike, it just is not up to par with the crf. my .02
  11. Motoman45_00

    Gerlach Nevada Riding?!

    awesome! I will for sure have to check that out....thank you so much for the info!!! sounds like a new place to hit up this spring!
  12. Motoman45_00

    Nevada Gerlach Nevada Riding?!

    Hey guys and gals, I've been doing a riding trip every year for the past few years to Gerlach Nevada! My question is is there any good trails at all?! We have found about a solid days worth of good riding just south east of gerlach, like inbetween gerlach and sulfer. We have rode from gerlach to doyle and back to gerlach(that was awesome just a ton of miles for one day.) Just wondering if anyone else has ridden there, it is one of the most beautiful places ive been to, just cant seem to find many trails. I went here years ago when I was a kid with my parents and I could have swore we found tons of trails but maybe I was 10 years old so any riding was good!
  13. Motoman45_00

    Gas tanks: Acerbis, Clarke or IMS

    Ive fan IMS tanks for 15+ years on a dozen diffrent bikes, tanks always fit good, nice hardware to install them and never had one crack or leak. Also they hold their value on ebay when you sell your bikd. Just my .02
  14. Motoman45_00

    2006 KX250F high elevation jetting

    thanks for the info:thumbsup: