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  1. thats f*ckin retarded
  2. Hey wats that mean?
  3. no its all real the proof is on our computer used a video camera and then edited the clips together
  4. Hey screw you how the h*ll would u make a dummy and a robot jump and do wheelies
  5. Hey screw you dont post if your goin to talk sh*t alrite!
  6. but you have to shift so thats why we use our right.......
  7. thanx man!.......hopefully we will have another one up soon
  8. this is me and my pal ridin wheelies and doing jumps! hope you all enjoy it!
  9. yea we know it was short and not really good but it was our first video...so next video we will be posting will be a lot better.
  10. yea we know alot of people can do wheelies but we are trien to show people how crazy people can get doing them and in our other videos soon to come it will be more wheelies and jumps.
  11. yea the next video will be much longer with better grafics and sound!
  12. This is me!