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  1. I have a GYTR kit for an 06 WR 450 $25.00 + Shipping. Don
  2. I have a Yamaha GYT-R kit for $25.00. Don Secrist
  3. My wife is built, got her the new Fox Ladies Chest Protector. It fits on the top, bottom and the shoulder pads are small so it does not hit her helmet. Try one on to see if it works for you.
  4. Finally got the wifes 2005 CRF230 jetted for Utah conditions: Altitude: 5K-10K Feet Temperature: 80 Deg F Main Jet: 112 Needle Clip: #4 Pilot Jet: 42 (Stock) Pilot Screw: 1.5 Turns Out Air Filter: Stock Intake and Exhaust Baffles Removed Bike starts easy with the choke when cold and stays running with choke off. It warms up quickly and idles nice. Starts without the choke when warm and idles nice. What a change in attitude! Throttle roll on and top end is impressive for a little 230. Hope she can stay on it now its tuned up!