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  1. Racetech: Fork Spring: $110 Rear Shock: $110 Valve Kit 2 Front $170 Valve Kit 2 Rear $170 Fluid ~$20 (3 Quarts) Mechanic Time -- 1 hour ($65 for me) Discount ~10% if you get it from Thumpertalk. I don't know if you can source the heavier weight springs from TT, though. You might have to contact Racetech directly.
  2. I still want pics.
  3. I just took it to the hardware store and got an assorted pack of O-Rings. Works fine. Thank you for the help Eddie.
  4. Thank you for the help, the numbering on the side says 5BF so I'm not sure what that means. I'll take it apart tomorrow.
  5. I recently bought a Slant FCR off of an '02 DRZ400E and installed it on my SM . It starts up and runs but it leaks gas at a consistent rate out of the port at the bottom of the carb. What is the problem? This was just a fitting test to see if it runs. The tubing is not final.
  6. Lol it was a bit weird, but the bike had no problems keeping up with the flow...I was bushed after a day there! Send me a PM whenever you think you'll be up there. I can go during the weekends. Ya, I'll probably order another set of blue plastics from you and was wondering if you have the 07 graphics in stock yet? Just so I can make it snazzy again, hah. By the way....will the cyclone 2.15x10 rim fit on the front?
  7. It has to be the tube, it's what holds the air!
  8. Well, got it last week from Outlaw and promptly put it together and changed the oil. The stuff that was in there was freakin' GREEN Chinese fish-oil. Disgusting. Anyway, I digress. I took it to Durhamtown Plantation that weekend and was extremely happy with it. Had tons of power everywhere and actually felt like a big bike. For some background I roadrace and rarely ride dirt, so your results may differ. For me this will become a motard and a way to get around the racetracks I go to. Here are some pics, feel free to post up if you have any questions! The only problem I had was when I crashed after getting too confident in the bikes abilities while overestimating mine! The damage was only to the plastics...the rear brake lever bent but I stomped on it and it went back into place. OUTLAW, do you have the new 07 graphics in stock so I can order some new plastics/graphics?